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NICE Investigate: Digital Investigation and Evidence Management

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Digitally transform your police department, optimise investigation productivity, prevent missing evidence and close more cases faster.

Accelerating growth in volume and variety of evidence is making investigations more complex than ever before and impacting solvability of cases. At the same time, digital transformation is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible –from data analytics and mobile workforce optimisation to online citizen engagement and investigations.

What is NICE Investigate?

NICE Investigate is the Microsoft Azure cloud based solution that breaks down information silos and brings all needed information right to the investigator.

Cleveland Police went through a detailed procurement exercise and identified NICE Investigate as the digital evidence management system most capable of meeting both our national mandates around digital evidence management and our local policing needs. The feedback we’ve received from our officers has been positive and our engagement with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) through NICE Investigate’s wholly digital process is working well.”
Ch Insp Chris Barker, Cleveland Police

Integrate Content from Siloed Data Sources

  • Draw evidence from disjointed systems into a central repository
  • Effectively crowdsource evidence from security cameras and more
  • Convert media into standard format for universal, one-screen access

Evidence gathering no longer a culprit in delayed case resolution.

Build Better Cases with Big Data Analytics

  • Rapidly search and connect all types of evidence, visualisecontext on maps and timelines
  • Uncover hidden insights with powerful correlation engine
  • Take it with you on a smartphone

Investigators become more effective crime solvers.

Securely Share Evidence with Prosecutors

  • Share hundreds of different evidence items with a few clicks
  • The burden of making physical copies of evidence is lifted
  • Comprehensive chain of custody is tracked automatically

More criminals can be taken off the streets and put behind bars.

Why the Police use NICE Investigate

The solution dramatically improves crime investigation processes and outcomes:

  • Reduces time and expense of evidence collection by automating intake and organisationof relevant data and media
  • Built-in analytics helps investigators uncover and correlate crucial insights
  • Electronic sharing of evidence improves collaboration with other agencies such as CPS and prosecutors
  • More cases are successfully filed and prosecuted

How NICE Investigate Promotes Operational Improvements

Digital Transformation Boosts Agility and Outcomes of Investigations

Legacy investigative processes demand in-person interactions, driving, copying and printing to obtain information, then significant overhead to store it.

Investigators are forced to navigate different processes, computers, logins, and interfaces to find evidence, delaying resolution and risk overlooking of critical insights.

NICE Investigate transforms this manual, time-consuming process by leveraging the power of analytics and automation throughout the entire evidence collection, investigation and sharing process.

Agencies that use NICE Investigate report streamlined, more agile and effective operations as well as improved case closure rates.

Cloud-based solution improves operational agility and accessibility of information

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure, NICE Investigate makes all types of evidence readily accessible
  • NICE’s SaaS (Software as a Service) solution limits the up-front hardware and resource costs associated with premise-based storage alternatives

Automation of manual processes results in direct operational savings

  • Rapid, single logon access to all evidence and cross-case search and analytics improves operational efficiency
  • Automated case building helps solve cases faster with unified case folder where all evidence is stored, visualised and analysed
  • Court cost savings as a result of faster case resolution

Certified compliant platform eliminates security concerns

  • NICE and Microsoft Azure meet the security requirements for federal, state, and local governments as defined by FBI’s CJIS policy
  • Azure has attained the UK’s Cyber Essentials PLUS badge and G-Cloud OFFICIAL
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification
  • Antivirus and malware protection

NICE Investigate Online Portals Promote Tighter Collaboration

One of the industry’s most comprehensive, open solutions for managing investigations, NICE Investigate promotes collaboration among satellite agencies, communities, investigators and prosecutors, enhancing the effectiveness of law enforcement.

NICE Investigate tracks continuity of evidence as it is collected, organisedand distributed, encouraging the adoption of consistent, repeatable processes and practices.

Tangible Benefits and Outcomes

  • Freed from the chore of manual evidence collection, investigators can fully focus on what they do best –solving crimes
  • Public trust in law enforcement grows with its increased effectiveness, community engagement and responsible spending


Leveraging 30+ years of experience helping thousands of public safety agencies manage their digital evidence, NICE has developed the industry’s first end-to end digital investigation and evidence management solution. Running on the Microsoft Azure cloud, NICE Investigate automates the collection, analysis and sharing of ALL digital evidence, so investigators can close more cases faster.

Click here to download the factsheet [PDF]

About NICE Public Safety

With over 3000 customers and 30 years’ experience, NICE’s solutions deliver digital transformation, improved collaboration, efficiency and cost-savings to all types of public safety and criminal justice agencies, from emergency communications centres and police forces, to prosecutors, defence solicitors and courts.

Our Evidencentral platform (which includes NICE Inform, NICE Investigate and NICE Justice) features an ecosystem of integrated technologies that bring data together to improve incident response, accelerate investigations, streamline evidence disclosure, enhance digital collaboration with justice partners, and keep communities and citizens safer.

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