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Policing Insight is published by CoPaCC, an independent organisation established shortly after the first Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections in November 2012 to monitor policing governance in England and Wales. CoPaCC initially published a regular, subscriber-only Policing Report with analysis of PCC activity as well as strategic level policing developments. Reports were also produced on key areas of PCC activity such as Statutory Transparency, Partnerships, Public Engagement and Innovation.

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CoPaCC launched Policing Insight in May 2015 to provide a platform for stakeholders in policing and criminal justice to share knowledge, insight and opinion.

Our content covers the full width of policing and criminal justice topics including policy, practice, crime and technology via articles, reports and our valuable Media Monitor service, a searchable database of news, analysis, opinion and reports from national, local and specialist press as well all the key policing and criminal justice organisations.

Our readers and contributors reflect the necessary collaboration between police and criminal justice organisations, the third sector, industry and academia to find progressive solutions to the significant challenges facing policing and criminal justice.

Policing Insight has developed an increasingly international focus with many policing challenges and innovations of common interest globally. As well as providing a platform for latest thinking in policing from the around the world, Policing Insight publishers CoPaCC are founders of the World Class Policing Awards which launched in 2019 recognising outstanding policing from around the World.

In addition to two editors and a network of researchers and specialist journalists, Policing Insight has hosted articles from over 1000 guest contributors with expertise in the police and criminal justice sector.

CoPaCC is proud to serve the police and criminal justice community, with a growing number of police forces and relevant government agencies, academic institutions, charities and industry taking up organisation wide subscriptions. Key organisations such as ANZPAA, HMICFRS, College of Policing, APCC, SPA  and Police ICT Company use Policing Insight as a valuable resource.

We are further enhancing our services to the police and criminal justice community with events, thematic reports and bespoke information services.

Meet the team

Keith PotterKeith Potter, Editor
[email protected]
Keith commissions, edits and writes articles for Policing Insight. He has a 30-year editorial career working as a journalist, sub-editor and editor for a range of print and online platforms. Having worked as a reporter and editor in local newspapers, he has freelanced for the past 20 years, with a particular focus on policing and home affairs. Previous publications and organisations he has worked with in this sector include Police Review, Police Professional, the Police Foundation and the Police Federation; he has also worked for Victim Support, several Higher Education organisations and a number of professional services companies. He has been a contributing writer on Policing Insight since 2017 and took on the role of Editor in August 2020.

Sarah Gibbons, Contributing Editor
[email protected]

Sarah has spent much of her journalistic career focusing on police issues. She covered major crime stories and subsequent trials during her time as a reporter with a national news agency before specialising in policing at Police Review magazine and was one of a small team that launched an international version of the title. Sarah was then head-hunted by the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales to be their first Communication Manager. This role included liaising with national and international media, editing a magazine, developing and managing the organisation’s first (and subsequent) website and introducing the Association to social media. For the past nine years, Sarah has worked freelance, writing for a variety of publications, most recently joining the team of Policing Insight writers in 2020 where she has conducted interviews with influential leaders, covered ground-breaking research and summarised a series of wide-ranging reports to provide a useful insight for our audience on key policing topics.

Carina oReillyDr. Carina O’Reilly, Academic Editor
[email protected]
Carina O’Reilly is Policing Insight’s editor with a particular focus on research and academia. She is also a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Lincoln. Her research interests include neighbourhood policing, confidence and legitimacy. Prior to joining Lincoln, Carina worked at IHS Jane’s for seven years as a writer, editor and senior analyst on European security and organised crime; and subsequently led and taught a range of Policing degrees at Anglia Ruskin University. Carina has a Masters degree from Cambridge University in Social and Political Sciences and holds a Masters in Strategic Studies from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. She is also a Labour councillor in Cambridge, and a former Deputy Leader of Cambridge City Council.

Tina Orr-MunroTina Orr Munro, Contributing Editor
[email protected]
Tina is a former Editor of Policing Insight before stepping down to pursue writing a book. She continues in the role of Contributing Editor at  Policing Insight, collaborating on occasional projects. After an initial career as a police scenes of crime officer, Tina retrained as a journalist and began her career on Jane’s Police Review in 2000 as a staff reporter. She became a freelance police and crime journalist in 2004. Since then, Tina has written for the Home Office, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Police Federation of England and Wales, as well as national newspapers and magazines. She has edited the Police Federation’s Police magazine, has had three books published and writes crime fiction in her spare time.

Simone Hatchard, Research Analyst
[email protected]
Simone is a Research Analyst at Policing Insight with a wide range of responsibilities including curating our Media Monitor service. She also holds a degree in Criminology, a Masters in Criminology and is currently studying for a Social Policy PhD at the University of South Wales. Her current area of research concerns the use of digital forensics in the prosecution of major crimes. Other research areas have included Prostitution and crimes associated with Russia that have been carried out in the U.K. Simone also has over 18 years experience working in the Criminal Justice and third sector, both as a practitioner and senior manager.

Richard Place Richard Place, Sales Manager for subscriptions and advertising
[email protected]
Richard is responsible for selling organisation wide and group subscriptions to Policing Insight. He is also responsible for selling advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Richard has extensive experience in police sector selling for key police organisations and publications


Ian BarrettIan Barrett, CoPaCC Director of Publishing and Development
[email protected]
Ian is responsible for CoPaCC’s publishing strategy including platform, content and commercial development. An experienced publisher and commercial manager, Ian has spent the past 18 years publishing magazines and websites in the police and security sectors including Jane’s Police Review and Police Oracle before developing Policing Insight for CoPaCC. Ian continues to develop CoPaCC’s publishing strategy to engage our community of police and criminal justice professionals via Policing Insight and CoPaCC events.

Bernard Rix Bernard Rix. CoPaCC Chief Executive
[email protected]
Prior to setting up CoPaCC, Bernard worked as an independent police, criminal justice and community safety advisor since 1990, across the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. He led over fifty significant change assignments in this time, work that has – amongst other benefits – improved police investigation of burglary, cut court delays, given victims a better service, helped community relations, and enhanced police officer safety