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CoPaCC publishes unique insight into police ICT user perspectives (2017 Report)

OPEN Policing Insight5th December 2017Policing Insight team  1 Comments

CoPacc ICT Report Cover

The latest CoPaCC thematic report 'Police ICT: User perspectives' is published today. Following a survey of police officers from 44 police forces, the report provides a unique insight into the views of the frontline on the provision of ICT in their force. The results and feedback from end users are required reading for police managers, buyers and suppliers.

Police ICT: User Perspectives

A CoPaCC Survey of officer
experiences using police ICT

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Police ICT: User Perspectives survey
produced and supported by:

Undertaken by CoPaCC and supported by the Police Federation of England and Wales, the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales, and the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents, the survey provides a unique, independent insight into what police officers really think of their police ICT systems.

It is the most comprehensive survey of police ICT users’ views ever conducted in UK policing and has been described as a catalyst for change’ by senior police leaders.

In an online survey, officers were asked ten questions covering all aspects of ICT in their roles including investment in ICT, provision of mobile data devices, reliability and integration, usability and ease of access.

As well quantitative responses measuring levels of satisfaction in each area, users also provided over 5,450 detailed and candid comments about their experiences.

Nearly 1,500 officers responded to the survey from forces across England, Wales and Scotland and, to enhance the analysis, the survey collected key demographic information such as age, length of service, rank and role.

This initial report provides results on how users rate their ICT provision and sample comments. We also highlight the top five and bottom five police forces for officer satisfaction in each ICT subject surveyed.

The analysis includes a look at how larger forces compare to smaller forces as well as comparing those forces using Northgate Connect and Niche Minerva systems.

Further to this report, a police ICT thematic will be published in early 2018. As well as providing expert analysis of the results, this will ‘deep dive’ the vast amount of qualitative data provided by the survey to enhance our understanding of police ICT and shape the service’s next steps.

This is the first in what will be an annual series of surveys of Police ICT Users.

 CoPaCC Police ICT Report Cover 800x566Police ICT: User perspectives
 A CoPaCC Thematic Report                                                         
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One Response to “CoPaCC publishes unique insight into police ICT user perspectives (2017 Report)”

  1. Ian Wiggett Ian Wiggett says:

    Fascinating feedback from users about their experience. One thing that struck me is that this is not just about the quality of software or technological capability. The differences between the two main suppliers highlighted are not significant. However, simpler things like the availability of a computer terminal, the helpfulness of helpdesks, and access to laptops/mobile working can make a big difference to user persepctives. Some of this will be affected by technical limitations and resources, of course – but they should be an easier nut to crack than designing the ‘perfect’ police IT system.

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