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Getting hands-on with the Axon Ecosystem: What to expect from the Roadshow and Innovate UK 2023

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Find out about the Axon Roadshow, coming to the UK for the first time, and Axon Innovate UK – our exciting events this September for those in public safety organisations. Learn more details and find registration links to secure your spot.

With summer days slipping away, we at Axon are looking forward to connecting with you all during a busy September. With our Axon Roadshow coming to you at eight different locations and our Innovate UK conference returning to Birmingham, we can’t wait to show you the latest advancements in the Axon network. These exciting events have been planned specifically for those working in public safety organisations.

We want to hear your ideas, see your reactions, and show our appreciation for the work you do for your communities day in and day out. Learn more about what we have in store this September and read on for registration links to secure your spot.

Axon Roadshow

The Axon Roadshow is coming to the UK for the first time in September 2023! Our Outrider truck is newly outfitted and ready to bring you a tailored, local experience.

Each Axon Roadshow stop features a full day of hands-on product demonstrations, networking, and customer appreciation at no cost to attendees. Roadshow attendees can expect an atmosphere where education, experimentation, and appreciation converge.

We’ve worked with local forces and organisations to bring you eight different roadshow stops throughout England and Wales from 30 August to 15 September. Those from police forces in neighbouring regions are welcome to attend any show. Check out the county map below to find the closest stop to you.

Axon UK Roadshow Map

Our Roadshow stops are open to all those employed in a public safety organisation, including but not limited to the police, fire, and emergency services. You’ll have the chance to get hands-on with advanced Axon technologies, including:

  • TASER 10, a new era in less-lethal technology
  • Axon Body cameras, along with Respond live alerts & streaming technology
  • Drones and Virtual Reality
  • Advanced digital evidence management tools, like redaction and transcription

Will we see you there? Please fill out this non-binding pre-registration form to let us know you’re thinking of attending.

Still need convincing? Check out our highlight reel to get a feel for what’s in store.

Axon Innovate UK

But the Roadshow isn’t all you have to look forward to when it comes to Axon – our Innovate UK conference, the premier public safety conference in the UK, returns to the Park Regis Birmingham this year on 20-21 September.

Register now at this link to save your spot.

We’ll explore the role of technology in creating a safer and more efficient policing world in the UK – what’s here, what’s next, and what’s possible. From TASER devices protecting life to body-worn video cameras capturing truth to robust digital evidence management revolutionising police workflows, the Axon network harnesses the power of digital transformation to solve cases faster and keep officers and communities safer.

At Innovate UK, you’ll experience our connected public safety ecosystem hands-on. You’ll hear from force leaders about how they’ve protected officers, increased transparency, reduced complaints, and future-proofed with the Axon network. You’ll hear from technology experts about where less-lethal weaponry, video forensics, virtual reality training, and connected digital evidence management are headed. Most importantly, you’ll spend time with fellow leaders from across the public safety space in the UK with deep commitments to your communities, sharing ideas and innovating for the future.

Check out what attendees had to say last year:

Wondering the difference between the Axon Roadshow and Axon Innovate UK, and whether you should attend both? If you are able, we certainly encourage you to attend both a Roadshow stop and Innovate UK. Innovate UK is a robust conference with engaging speakers, thought-leadership around technology and opportunities to network, whereas the Axon Roadshow is a more casual day of technology demos designed to come closer to your region. Both events will be educational and enlightening, but Innovate UK is designed to discuss how we can push the envelope in technological innovation, whereas the Roadshow will show appreciation for where we are now.

As a reminder, here are the registration links for each event:
Axon Roadshow 2023
Axon Innovate UK 2023

We look forward to seeing you in September!

At Axon, our mission is to protect life, capture truth, and accelerate justice with the leading technology for public safety. You may be familiar with our TASER devices protecting life or our body-worn video cameras capturing truth. But we are also revolutionising police workflows through robust digital evidence management, harnessing the power of the digital transformation to solve cases faster.

This means less time on administrative tasks and more time on the work that matters most. We’re bringing all your digital evidence from body-worn devices, in-car cameras, and even from the public together in one secure DEMS platform. Our hardware and software all work as one Axon network, seamlessly, from capture to the court.

Register for our Innovate UK 2023 conference to get hands-on with our technology: logo


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