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Applying Open-Source Intelligence for counter-terrorism in the UK & Europe

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Fivecast, a global provider of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) solutions, share their expertise on the terrorism landscape in the UK and Europe and how OSINT can significantly enhance law enforcement efforts and resources to keep our communities safe.

For years, Western governments and militaries have focused on the War on Terror, dedicating significant resources and funding to combat politically and religiously motivated violent extremism. However, Europe and the UK have been facing a resurgence in Right-Wing Terrorism (RWT), targeting ethnic minorities and the LGBT+ Community, posing a significant challenge to national security.

According to a report by the European Parliament, right-wing extremism is defined by a belief in the superiority of the white race and Western culture and a rejection of multiculturalism and immigration. In the UK, extreme right-wing terrorism (ERWT) has emerged as a significant threat to national security, accounting for one in five terrorist investigations described by MI5 as being on an upward trajectory. Far-right extremists are also gaining traction across the EU, powered by contentious issues like immigration, Euroscepticism, and the soaring cost of living. The pervasive use of social media platforms for information consumption has provided a platform for radicalized beliefs, contributing to the surge in numbers and enabling these groups to communicate and plan violent attacks easily.


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OSINT for Counter- Terrorism in the UK & Europe.

OSINT for Counter-Terrorism

As attacks escalate, the need for law enforcement and government agencies to recognize the threat posed by RWT groups and take proactive action is more critical than ever. However, assessing online activity and the narratives of persons or groups of interest can be challenging and time-consuming, due to the vast amount of data analysts must collect, filter and analyse across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web. Fivecast ONYX, a leading Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) platform, can significantly enhance counter-terrorism efforts by combining automated data collection with AI-enabled risk analysis across a broad range of platforms online data sources. Fivecast ONYX helps to identify persons or groups of interest and uncover existing or emerging threats so law enforcement agencies can mitigate the risk efficiently.

Read Fivecast’s latest industry brief in which Fivecast Tradecraft Advisors delve into the evolving terrorism risk landscape across the UK and Europe and demonstrate how Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) can be a critical tool to effectively counter terrorism.

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