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Many police agencies face the same or similar challenges when it comes to digital forensics. Too much data, too many devices and resource constraints. Harsh Behl highlights how the tools from AccessData®, an Exterro Company can bridge the gap between front-line officers and forensic technicians so that investigations, analysis and review can start sooner.

Budget cuts have affected many police forces across the globe, where insufficient funds, skill and staff shortages could lead to missed evidence or fewer prosecutions. Accordingly, a shortage of trained forensic investigators in the industry along with a need for more collaboration between technical and non-technical parties, coupled with the exponential increase in data, including different data types from a myriad of devices, has been an ongoing challenge for law enforcement and can lead to backlogs, stale evidence and burnout without the proper processes, validation and technology.

Empowering front-line officers

With the Exterro FTK® solution, previously cumbersome processes are streamlined, integrated, and automated within existing workflows, and efficiency is improved via consistent and repeatable forensically sound processes.

Many agencies and police services rely on digital kiosks that front-line officers can use to quickly extract and process evidence from mobile phones and other devices seized after an incident. However, that’s not the end of the story. If further investigations turn up additional devices that pertain to the case, the officers will hand those devices over to the digital forensics unit. How can you ensure that all of the evidence is analysed together?

The digital forensic solutions from AccessData®, now an Exterro company, help to bridge the gaps between front-line officers and the forensic technicians so that all evidence collected is centralised and analysis can be done across devices to look for patterns and connect the dots. This is a solution that officers can rely on to process large and different amounts of data quickly, scales to meet demands, was built with validation in mind and has an easy, intuitive review interface that can be viewed whenever and wherever you are.

A faster path to justice

FTK® is known in the industry as a court-cited digital forensics solution built for speed, stability and ease of use. FTK features fast searching—since indexing is done upfront, filtering and searching are more efficient; a shared case database—all data is stored securely and centrally, minimising data movement and maximising collaboration; and an intuitive review platform—technical and non-technical reviewers alike will appreciate the simplified review interface. Recent releases have added URL detection and internet parsing capabilities across devices without regard to browser, neatly organised under one section so review is easy and efficient.

Locate, manage, and filter mobile data more easily with a dedicated mobile tab and use the message application filter to quickly isolate data from message applications (like WhatsApp®, Facebook®). Mobile data review enables an intuitive look in to UFED reports, XRY case files, as well as email and chat conversations in a near native viewer. Introduction of portable case to efficiently scale third party review of data, File vault 2 decryption and AFF4 support for MAC analysis are some of the features that speaks volumes of the innovation we are making in the space.

Innovative new tools provide consistent and repeatable results

And, coming soon is FTK Central which combines the industry-leading, powerful processing engine of FTK with innovative new forensic and legal review workflows, together into one collaborative, web-based tool.  FTK Central allows your team to look at case data through a single pane of glass, giving technical and non-technical users a real-time view into their assigned cases. FTK Central can be your holistic processing, analysis and review platform which offers extremely easy collaboration.

See our unrivaled near-native review of chat data and all document types, including Excel spreadsheets. Collect live endpoint data remotely, including off-network collection, collect data from structured data repositories. Automate tasks from evidence acquisition to evidence review and export.  Use hot keys and AI image labeling to eliminate time spent on repetitive tasks.  FTK Central can even integrate with the choice of your notification system to send you a text message or email about all notifications from the system.

FTK Central will integrate seamlessly with our other tools like FTK, Lab, and Enterprise, or it can be used a standalone tool. Get the same forensically-sound, repeatable, defensible results you expect, all from a flexible web browser experience.

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AccessData, an Exterro Company is the proven partner for law enforcement agencies that are working to keep up with the exponential growth of digital technology and its impact on forensic investigations. Amid new challenges like fraud and increased backlog from growing, more complex caseloads, it’s critical that teams can zero in on relevant evidence faster than ever before.
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