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World Class Policing Awards 2019: Five reasons to make YOUR nominations NOW!

World Class Policing Awards 2019

With nominations for the inaugural World Class Policing Awards set to close on Friday, 5th July, Bernard Rix, Publisher of Policing Insight and Founder of the Awards, calls on YOU to make your nominations NOW!

Nominations close in under ten days for the inaugural World Class Policing Awards. There’s just a short time left to ensure that officers and staff are recognised for their outstanding investigations, operations, projects and initiatives that are making a huge difference to communities around the world.

Anyone can make a nomination. Here’s why YOU should do so, and why you should encourage your colleagues, senior police officers and senior management to do so as well…


Nominations for the World Class Policing Awards are completely OPEN. Anyone, anywhere in the world can nominate. That includes YOU. So you absolutely have a say in what gets recognised as world class policing. Or you do – IF you make your nomination.


If you don’t make a nomination (or several – you’re allowed up to four), you’re missing your opportunity to recognise and reward those in policing doing great work. If you were offered free lottery tickets to give to those whose work you valued, wouldn’t you do so? Well, nominating for a World Class Policing Award costs you nothing (except, perhaps, a little time). Making a nomination is, therefore, a bit like getting a free lottery ticket to give to a team whose work you respect. And the odds of winning are much better than the lottery!


The clue is, of course, in the name of these Awards: they’re the World Class Policing Awards. We’re receiving nominations from across the world, and it’ll be a worldwide celebration of the very best.

But don’t let the thought that the competition, therefore, is too great – that what’s happening in your back yard couldn’t possibly get recognised in the face of such potential rivalry. Remember: “to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket”, and there’s no charge to nominate.


Of course, you could decide not to make that nomination. Or not to encourage your force or PCC (or even police authority) to do so. But think ahead. Over the coming months, there’ll be regular announcements of those shortlisted. Then, 14 November, there’ll be a Gala Awards Dinner at a prestigious venue in central London to celebrate the shortlisted nominations. Don’t leave yourself open to the thought that ‘if only I’d made that nomination, those I’d have nominated could’ve been there…!’

Finally, DO IT NOW!

Nominations close on Friday, 5th JulyNOW EXTENDED TO FRIDAY 12TH JULY!. And it’s not difficult to nominate. You can make a start now!. Click here to start your nomination (with an option, should you need it, to save your draft nomination to complete a little later). And / or email NOW someone you think should be making a nomination. 

Yes, do it now!

World Class Policing is being recognised
Nominate exceptional officers and staff

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), the Police Superintendents Association (PSA) and the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) who, between them, represent around 122,000 police officers in England and Wales, are all supporting the event which aims to recognise, celebrate and share the best in policing practice.

TechUK, which represents over 900 companies and works with all police stakeholders providing advice and guidance on future technological developments, has also pledged its support, as has the College of Policing and the Police ICT Company. 

The World Class Policing Awards are looking for nominations from across the globe – whether the nomination is made by a force representative, or by police partners (other agencies, third sector, commercial or academic), or submitted by an individual.

The nomination will need – whether at time of nomination or in due course – to have a supportive lead police force. If you do not yet have confirmation that the lead force for your nomination is supportive, make the nomination now and we will raise it with them.

Nominations could be an outstanding or complex investigation, an effective operation or an innovative project or initiative – in fact anything which has produced exceptional policing outcomes.

World Class Policing is…

  • Innovative and inspirational
  • Progressive and proactive
  • Efficient and effective
  • Diverse and inclusive
  • Collaboration and cooperation

If you know of a policing activity with one or more of these attributes, then what are you waiting for? Nominate today!

About the World Class Policing Awards

The aim of the World Class Policing Awards 2019 is to:

  • Recognise examples of “world class” policing
  • Celebrate excellence in policing, both in the United Kingdom and around the world
  • Encourage modern, progressive, collaborative and effective policing
  • Showcase individual, team and organisational achievement and success
  • Promote the sharing and delivery of innovation and good practice

Who can enter

Anyone can nominate any team in any force area, including multi-agency teams, that have excelled in any area of policing, whether that is operational policing or support functions.

Modern policing is about collaboration, both small and large scale, which is why the World Class Policing Awards will recognise exceptional policing regardless of whether it has been achieved by a team from a single force, a collaboration between forces or a partnership between a force and other agencies in either the public sector, 3rd sector, commercial or academic organisations.

The awards want to recognise the partners that made the nominated activity a success. However, all nominations will, in due course, require the approval of a lead police force to be accepted.

Secondly, the awards are about recognising all types of personnel who have made the nominated activity successful including police officers, staff, PCSOs, Specials, volunteers and, of course, employees from the partner organisations.

Finally, the World Class Policing Awards 2019 recognises all types of activity covering the breadth of modern policing – nominations may include but are not confined to:

  • Victim support including improvements in identification of vulnerability
  • New system/technology implementation
  • Outstanding or complex investigations
  • Operations delivering difference
  • Projects driving change
  • Crime prevention reducing harm in communities (real or virtual)
  • Business change to tackle new and emerging offences
  • Training and development in a changing world
  • Employee and officer welfare building sustainable policing

A judging panel of independent policing stakeholders will shortlist the nominations for recognition at the prestigious awards ceremony in November.

The World Class Policing Awards 2019 awards are supported by a range of policing partners, who are all global experts in supporting police in protecting the public.

Policing Insight and Police Oracle are the official media partners for the event.

The closing date for completed nominations is 5pm on Friday 5 July – NOW EXTENDED TO FRIDAY 12TH JULY!. To make a nomination, please go to to register as a nominator. For information about the awards or the nominations process, contact: [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 1772 767782. 

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