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New Events calendar for Policing Insight readers

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Policing Insight has launched a new Events section to highlight forthcoming policing, criminal justice and security related conferences, exhibitions, seminars, webinars and roundtables from around the world.

Policing Insight engages with an increasing number of relevant online and in-person events around the world, as part of our mission to share the latest thinking in policing and criminal justice. But while we already partner with many events through editorial and advertising, there are many more that we believe our readers will want to be aware of.

So to promote as many of these events as possible, we have created an Events listing page on Policing Insight, which we will populate with details of relevant and beneficial events from around the world.

As well as the main page, look out for the ‘Up coming events’ block which appears on every page of the website – so you won’t miss an event even if you don’t visit the listing page.

Every event that we post will be tagged with essential data such as the ‘Region’ and ‘Topics’, so you can use the filters on the page to find events of interest.

We need your help to populate the list

The more relevant events that we can add to the listing, the more useful it is for all of our readers, for event organisers, and for our own editorial team. By working together we can ensure the best knowledge, policy and practice is shared.

We are interested in featuring online, in-person and hybrid events that are relevant to policing, criminal justice, public safety, crime, emergency services (if police relevant) and security.

If you know of an event that should be featured in our listing, please do send us a link to the event by emailing [email protected]

Showcase your event to our readers

Events are an important element in sharing knowledge, policy and practice, and facilitating better outcomes.

If you are an event organiser, contact us to add your event to our listing. In addition to posting a basic listing entry we can offer additional advertising opportunities or potential media partnerships, which can promote your event more widely across the Policing Insight website, weekly newsletter and through our social media channels.

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