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New Daily Brief launched: The world of policing information delivered to your mailbox

Policing Insight Daily Brief

Policing Insight has launched a new Daily Brief to help you keep up with links to the latest policing news, opinion, analysis, research and reports from the media and key policing organisations. The Daily Brief email is powered by our Media Monitor service which is curated throughout the day by our researchers - we 'Google' so you don't have to! Sign up today to be better informed.

Policing Insight Daily Brief

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Keeping up with latest information in policing, crime and criminal justice is a real challenge for our readers, with a huge range of media and policing related organisations posting content.

The Policing Insight Daily Brief has been launched to help our readers keep up with not only the latest Policing Insight and PolicingTV content, but also with links to the latest policing news, opinion, analysis, research and reports from mainstream and specialist media, government, policing and criminal justice agencies and relevant third sector, academic and commercial organisations.

The service is powered by our popular Media Monitor subscriber service, curated by our researchers (not scraped by bots!), who ‘Google content so you don’t have to!’ Each post selected is tagged by date, content type, topic, region, search tag and source creating a Media Monitor service that is not only a daily summary but also a hugely valuable and searchable database of policing content.

The Media Monitor is a long established service but readers previously had to remember to check in every day to make the most of it – now the new Daily Brief brings the information straight to your inbox.

You don’t need to be a subscriber to benefit from the service – anyone with a FREE registered account can sign-up to receive the basic service of the email with headline and summary.

Premium individual subscribers and those users benefiting from a subscription via their organisation, have access to the full Media Monitor service and can click through to the source content.

Newsletter sign ups can be managed when logged in via the new Newsletters page (Home menu) or via the My Account page.

Click here to sign up for the new Daily Brief and/or our regular Policing Insight Weekly Digest

Policing Insight Daily Brief

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