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Federation progress and purpose

The Police Federation has this afternoon published three important documents. Together, they help to demonstrate the Police Federation’s determination to move forward with implementing the recommendations of Sir David Normington’s review, published last year. This review had argued, amongst other matters, for “a complete change in its openness and accountability”.

The first Federation document provides a line-by-line analysis of the Federation’s progress in implementing each of Sir David’s recommendations. The second document now in the public domain is the Federation’s Annual Report and Accounts for 2014.

The third is an “Annual Public Value Report”. This includes a new “core purpose”, adopted by the Police Federation national board and committee. It states that the Police Federation of England and Wales will:

“Act in the public interest, seeking to build public confidence in the police service and accepting public accountability for its use of public money.”

The core purpose is, according to the Federation itself, “the most significant change to our structure since the creation of the Police Federation by Parliament in 1919”.

What do you think about the Police Federation’s new ‘core purpose’, its apparent determination to be more open, and the wider changes it is making?

Picture courtesy of Martis Media

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