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CoPaCC to examine Brexit’s implications for policing and security

Bernard Rix, CoPaCC Chief Executive, announces CoPaCC's review of Brexit's implications for policing and security, to be supported by three former PCCs

Following last week’s referendum vote in favour of leaving the European Union, CoPaCC is now planning a review to examine the implications of Brexit for policing and security. 

We expect our methodology for this independent, objective, evidence-based analysis to include:

  • an invitation for interested parties to submit written evidence;
  • the collection of oral evidence through a series of round table discussions and seminars.

Three former PCCs have agreed to support this CoPaCC review:  

  • Alan Charles (Labour, Derbyshire)
  • Ian Johnston (Independent, Gwent)
  • Adam Simmonds (Conservative, Northamptonshire)

We will shortly announce further details of our team, associated research activity and key timings. 

If you may be interested in contributing to this Brexit review in some way, do please contact CoPaCC.

By way of background, Policing Insight earlier this week published three articles – by Sir Hugh Orde, Gavin Thomas and Bernard Rix – with preliminary insights on Brexit’s implications for policing and security.

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