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Exceptional Policing The Evidence-Based Way Conference

Global Alliance EBP Conference

This is a world-first collaboration presenting the best available evidence that supports excellence in fighting crime, building trust and leadership to police across the globe. The programme features a range of operationally focussed and police-led strategies to tackle complex crime and policing challenges.

This is 24 hours of the latest best research evidence that changes how we operate – from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the US. This is relevant to everyone – from Police and Crime Commissioners who commission activity, through to leaders who make stuff happen, through to frontline officers on response or in neighbourhood. This is relevant and applied. What works is what we’re interested in, in EBP. Take it and use it.”: Commander Alex Murray, Metropolitan Police and President UKSEBP

The UK, New Zealand and Australian societies of evidence-based policing are preparing for the inaugural global 24-hour conference “Exceptional Policing The Evidence-Based Way” to be broadcast on October 11th (UK/US) / October 12th (Australia/NZ) 2022.

This is a world-first collaboration presenting the best available evidence that supports excellence in fighting crime, building trust and leadership to police across the globe.

A mix of practitioners involved in day-to-day operational policing as well as academics conducting research in relevant fields are involved as both organisers and speakers.

The conference will be opened and closed by Police Commissioners, and there are multiple sessions with direct benefit to frontline practitioners. Amongst other things, topics include:

  • Single vs. double-crewing
  • How vital is it if we get there fast?
  • Police legitimacy
  • How to spot the bad cops and leave the good ones out of it
  • Biased Policing – Nothing about me without me
  • Use of force
  • Focused deterrence
  • Hotspots policing – findings from the biggest piece of research
  • Can we over-police? What’s the right amount of policing?
  • Could we handle domestic abuse calls via video link

…and many more.

24hr broadcast with over 50 speakers

The ANZSEBP pioneered this concept of turning their annual, in-person conference into an on-line broadcast in 2021 during COVID restrictions, with such great outcomes that they are now teaming up with the UK to host this year’s event together and open it up to EBP societies across the world to make this a global event.

Commander Alex Murray, Metropolitan Police and President UKSEBP introduces Exceptional Policing The Evidence-Based Way Conference

Broadcasting will start in New Zealand in the morning of 12th October 2022 at 8am, which will be 8pm on October 11th in the UK, 3pm on the 11th in New York and 12noon in Los Angeles.

The broadcast runs for a continuous 24hrs from then – coming live, fully interactive and to any device you choose to use.  Teams on night or day shifts or people on leave, in study or at work can connect and communicate with the speakers and their fellow conference attendees throughout the conference.  

Over 50 speakers from throughout the world come together to present their research, results, and practice, including Commissioner Katarina Carroll (Queensland Police), Assistant Commissioner Bruce O’Brien (NZ Police), Dr David Weisburd (George Mason University, USA & The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), Prof Larry Sherman (University of Cambridge, UK), Detective Supt. Greg Williams (NZ Police), Prof Lorraine Mazerolle (University of Queensland, Australia), Rachel Tuffin (College of Policing, UK), Prof Tom Kirchmaier (London School of Economics, UK), Dr Barak Ariel (University of Cambridge, UK & The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), Staff Sergeant Natalie Hiltz (Peel Police, Canada) and other distinguished speakers– the programme is live now at

Tune in for key findings

Police, intelligence operators, academics and students working or studying in the fields of policing, criminology, or law enforcement, will be able to tune in live, wherever they are, to participate in this global community. 

Some key findings that will be shared during this 24-hour broadcast include

  • Sex offence training that really makes a difference. How EBP is essential in improving our service to victims, presented by Dr Sarah Bennett, University of Queensland (AUS) and Senior Sgt Kirsten Helton, Queensland Police (AUS).
  • Understanding trust and confidence – insights from London, Dr Emily Gilbert, MOPAC (UK).
  • Lessons police leadership can learn from evidence-based management, Prof Rob Briner, Queen Mary University of London (UK)
  • Investigative Genetic Genealogy: Why would we, could we, should we?, presented by Suzanne Manning & SallyAnn Harbison, ESR Forensics (NZ), Nathan Scudder, AFP (AUS), Alexandra Quinton, University of Canberra (AUS) and Assoc Professor Michael Coble, University of Texas (USA).

         While investigative genetic genealogy may be a newer concept, the idea of using genealogical research to solve mysteries and crimes has been around for a while. Many genealogy service providers like Record Click offer assistance in tracing one’s ancestry and filling in the gaps in family history. With the advancements in DNA technology, these genealogy services can now provide even more accurate information about one’s genetic makeup and ancestry. As a result, the field of investigative genetic genealogy is becoming increasingly popular as a tool for solving crimes and bringing closure to families.

The programme features a range of operationally focussed and police-led strategies to tackle complex crime and policing challenges. 

How to access the event

Police departments and other organisations such as government agencies, universities or the private sector are able to sign up their entire workforce to attend this online event.  Individuals can register at Anyone who books the event will be able to access all 24 hours of content live and for 6 months afterwards, ensuring they can enjoy the full range of what is offered, and review and re-watch the sessions of particular interest.

Workforces from the following jurisdictions already have unlimited access – Cumbria, Devon & Cornwall, Dorset, Essex, Greater Manchester, Hertfordshire, Merseyside, MOPAC, MET, Police Service of Nth Ireland, Staffordshire, Thames Valley, West Mercia, Isle of Man, National Police Chiefs Council, College of Policing, British Transport Police, ESR, The Netherlands, Pacific Island Chiefs of Police, Australian Federal Police, Queensland Police, South Australia Police, New Zealand Police, Victoria Police.  If you are a team member for these jurisdictions register here using your official email address. 

To join these jurisdictions and unlock unlimited tickets for your team please email [email protected] for a tailored package.

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