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PCC Elections: Download 2016 results infographics

Download and print our useful at-a-glance infographics mapping the 2016 PCC Elections results and comparing them with 2012.

As the dust settles on the second PCC elections, here are two results maps to replace your now out-of-date versions. The first show 2016 results and the second provides a neat side-by-side comparison with 2012.

Please feel free to reproduce and use these infographics but please credit Policing Insight.

1.PCC Election Results 2016 – Click to download high resolution version Force Map 2016 (PDF, 1.4MB)

PCC Elections 2016 Results Map

2.PCC Election Results 2016 vs 2012 – Click to download high resolution version Force Map Comparison (PDF, 1.4MB)

PCC Election Results Map 2016 v 2012


A fuller range of analysis and insight will appear here in due course.

One Response to “PCC Elections: Download 2016 results infographics”

  1. Jon Harvey says:

    Whilst I appreciate this page is specifically about the PCC elections – it is important to say that the Metropolitan Police will now be governed by Sadiq Khan and his appointed Deputy in charge of policing. Moreover, Greater Manchester Police is still under the governance of the PCC elected in 2012 / now temporary Mayor (Tony Lloyd). On this basis the make-up of territorial police service governance (aside from NI and the City) is 20 Conservative PCCs, 2 Plaid Cymru, 3 Independent and 17 Labour. This feels a little different…

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