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The Axon Roadshow is back!

Sign up for the Axon Roadshow to try out Axon technology experiences and for the opportunity for you, as policing professionals, to give us direct feedback. The interactive experiences include the TASER 10 Firing Range, Axon Air Flight Center, Virtual Reality Simulator, and the Axon Fleet 3 vehicle demonstration.

Last year, we brought the Axon Outrider, a brand new custom training trailer, to 8 countries and dozens of police forces across Europe, to give them the chance to trial the latest in public safety technology, and interact directly with Axon product experts.

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The Axon Roadshow, provided at no cost to police forces, serves as a vital platform for informing public safety professionals about the Axon Ecosystem.

Our primary goal is to empower first responders for enhanced safety and efficiency in the field. The event offers an array of elements designed to provide attendees with firsthand exposure to Axon’s innovative products and technologies.

Throughout the roadshow, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with various interactive experiences, including the TASER 10 Firing Range, Axon Air Flight Center, Virtual Reality Simulator, and the demonstration of the Axon Fleet 3 vehicle. These elements are meticulously curated to offer public safety professionals a comprehensive understanding of Axon’s technological advancements.

The roadshow is a unique opportunity for policing professionals to give us direct feedback and therein contribute to efforts to continuously improve. By understanding the challenges faced by public safety leaders and practitioners, we can better tailor our solutions to meet the evolving needs of communities.

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2024 Axon Roadshow


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