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Stronger Together: ANZPAA Police Conference 2023 explores the vital role of partnerships


Presented by the Australia and New Zealand Police Commissioners and supported by Policing Insight as media partner, this two day conference will bring together police personnel and the law enforcement community and industry to explore how partnerships can improve community safety.

As society and technology becomes more complex and interconnected, police agencies face a growing range of challenges and threats that require a multi-faceted approach. Police are expected to be able to respond to a wider range of issues, from traditional crime and disorder to new and evolving risks such as cybercrime, terrorism, and natural disasters. To effectively address these challenges, law enforcement needs to engage the expertise and specialist skills of internal and external partners. This year’s ANZPAA Police Conference PC23 will explore the opportunities and complexities for policing partnerships across multiple domains.

PC23 will showcase multiple streams, workshops and case studies that will cover critical topics including cybercrime, forensics, family and domestic violence, AI, emergency management, international policing, indigenous partnerships, community policing, intelligence-led policing, and well-being and resilience.

Collaboration and joint problem solving is essential for effective policing and crime prevention. By highlighting innovative policing partnership between law enforcement agencies, community groups, government agencies and industry, PC23 will demonstrate ways to work effectively with other agencies and achieve a consistent approach to better serve communities. Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of the complex challenges facing law enforcement today and the collaborative strategies that are being developed to address them.

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