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New report: 6 trends driving public safety modernisation

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Change is hard. But in today’s world, it’s necessary. Public safety agencies are rethinking the role of technology and discovering how modern systems can lead to greater outcomes for first responders and the communities they serve. Read this white paper to discover six ways public safety agencies are modernising to meet the demands of today

Transform agency operations and deliver improved emergency services

Modernisation. It’s a concept that’s equally exciting and fearsome.

With modernisation comes change, even evolution, in the way technology works and how it serves mankind. Change is often feared, though it’s typically more a fear of having to learn new things than a legitimate concern.

The public safety sector is an area particularly ripe for modernisation in today’s digital age. New and exciting advancements are available to empower Next Generation 999/112 and provide tools like the urban digital twin, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to dramatically expand investigative capabilities and the ability to collaborate among multiple jurisdictions.

The catch is: public safety agencies and their leaders are often averse to change and often lack the public and political support to spend money to modernise legacy systems.

In this white paper, we’ll discuss the six trends driving public safety modernisation and how agencies can overcome obstacles to make a smooth transition to the crime-fighting and public service tools of the digital age, including:

  • Expanding communications channels with the public
  • Increasing scalability and ensuring business continuity
  • Improving cybersecurity to avert threats
  • Leveraging real-time data for greater insights
  • Consolidating to achieve economies of scale
  • Integrating technologies across vendors

Hexagon have partnered with Policing Insight share these insights to transform agency operations and and deliver improved emergency services.

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