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Elevate your policing career: LJMU’s advanced security courses await!

LJMU Advanced Security Courses

Leadership, knowledge and application are the fundamentals to continuous education and training across all policing fields, essential to keep updated on best practices, legal changes and evolving community needs. The Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies (LCAPS) offers a comprehensive learning portfolio featuring academic policing programs designed to equip police professionals with the essential skills needed to apply to the everchanging complex challenges of modern policing.

The interviewed guests provided a good insight on the topic discussed based on their real-life experience. The tutor led us in this module with diligence and pointed out any shortcomings in regard to transferring our knowledge at an academic level.”
Petre Corneliu Neacsu,
Field Security Coordination Officer, United Nations

LCAPS (Liverpool Centre for Advanced policing Studies) learning portfolio filled with academic policing programmes equips you with the skills you need to respond to the complex demands of contemporary policing. Investigate the roles of specialist intelligence, investigations and analysis to effectively identify and respond to risk and criminal activity across both public and private sector roles.

Study a wide range of focussed modules examining the key themes and debates facing the intelligence and investigations aspects of security. Delivered entirely online, these courses will provide you with exclusive case studies to delve deeper into sensitive subject areas with ex-policing excellence.

All 3 Programmes are taught and accredited by the Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies. Led by experts in their field including Ann Stevens, Adrian James, Daniel Silverstone, Peter Williams, Nick Ridley and many more…

Open the doors to lucrative employment opportunities from the knowledge growth of a Postgraduate Certificate to developing towards a long-term goal with a Postgraduate Diploma or establishing your expertise in a targeted area of your profession with the (MSc) Masters.

There’s a career route open to you at every level covering career entry level to experts topping up knowledge:

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  • PGCertificate – 60 Credits | 11 months
  • PGDiploma – 120 Credits | 22 months
  • MSc – 180 Credits | 27 months


Explore and grow your expertise in key aspects directly to your role with modules such as:

I welcome your interest in this ground-breaking course and I look forward to welcoming you as a student to study the ever-changing fields in Security.”
Ann Stevens, Course Director

  • Forensic Elicitation of Intelligence
  • Covert Techniques: Legislation and Operational Capability
  • Operational Ethics, Oversight & Sharing
  • Intelligence Theories & Applications
  • Contemporary Issues in Crime, Safety and Security
  • Intelligence Collection, Interviewing & Analysis
  • Countering Fraud and Corruption
  • Fraud Examination
  • International Financial Crime and Security
  • And many more…

2024 is your time to get a detailed comprehension of the practical issues facing the international system including the emerging patterns, trends and threats pertaining to both public and private sector agencies. Taking the MSc you will also be required to write a dissertation on a relevant topic of your choice.

A particularly useful opportunity for working professionals to focus your efforts on a topic that has particular relevance to your work or an opportunity to develop your career and even apply the results and findings to your current employment role.

Why Online Learning with LJMU and Informa Connect Academy?

  1. Accessible – 24/7 availability from wherever you have an internet connection.
  2. Flexible – take control of where, when, how and the rate at which you study.
  3. Professional – industry leading course directors and tutors in an academically rigorous course, designed and supported by lecturers providing regular guidance.
  4. Quality – study the same course used by corporations for internal training.
  5. Network – with tutors and like-minded professionals from around the world. Use our online tutorial forum to ask questions and share knowledge.
  6. Save money – no additional travel or accommodation costs.

Take control of your career progression with the next steps of new skills, knowledge & connections with LJMU & LCAPS.

Covert Investigations Apply online now
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Criminal Intelligence Apply online now

You will enhance your application of research, conceptualisation, analysis, and presentation, all highly valued skills in many areas of employment.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2024 and growing your career prospects together!

LJMU Covert Investigations course

LJMU Financial Crime Investigation course

LJMU Criminal Intelligence course

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