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Sky force: CoPaCC releases latest report on drones in UK policing


For the last few years, UK police forces have been trialling Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones. CoPaCC's latest thematic analyses the number of drones and their usage and includes contributions from key stakeholders on their potential to enhance policing.

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been used by some UK police forces for some years, but how many are there? When and where are they used? How much do they cost to operate? And, what is the national approach to overseeing their deployment?

These and many other questions are answered, for the first time, in CoPaCC’s latest mini-thematic – Drones in Policing – which is published today.

Drones in Policing offers the most current and comprehensive picture of how this technology is employed by forces across the UK.

The thematic includes the results of a Freedom of Information request carried out by Policing Insight which gives an unparalleled insight and analysis of which forces are using drones, what type they are using and their associated training and equipment costs.

In addition to publishing the results of the Freedom of Information request, the report also presents contributions from leading police and private stakeholders setting out the benefits and challenges surrounding drones in UK policing.

The contributors include:

  • Steve Barry, National Police Chiefs’ Council lead on UAVs and Assistant Chief Constable of Sussex Police
  • Russell Woolford, Assistant Operations Director, National Police Air Service
  • Ian Wiggett, former Assistant Chief Constable Greater Manchester Police
  • David Hunkin, Head of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) at Centrik

The report also includes case studies revealing forces’ experience in adopting the technology and their plans for its future use.

 Drones in Policing
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