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Police Scotland officers and staff join the thousands who have FREE access to Policing Insight! – Find out how

OPEN Policing Insight24th May 2019Policing Insight team

Free access

Policing Insight welcomes officers and staff from Police Scotland who now have FREE access to Policing Insight with the start of a new organisation wide subscription. Policing Insight is now available FREE to officers and staff in many UK forces and other police and criminal justice organisations - read on to find out how to use your FREE subscriber access.

We are pleased to welcome back over 600 Police Scotland officers and staff who registered and benefited from subscriber access during a short trial at the end of 2018. The success of the trial has led to Police Scotland taking out an organisation wide subscription to Policing Insight, providing FREE access to all articles and reports on Policing Insight as well as full access to the valuable Media Monitor service.

We look forward to many more officers and staff joining Policing Insight’s vibrant community of police and criminal justice sector professionals with an interest in progressive policing.

It’s not just Police Scotland officers and staff that can benefit from FREE access to Policing Insight

If you are an officer or staff member at one of the following police forces or OPCCs, you now have FREE subscriber access via your force’s organisation wide subscription:

  • Avon & Somerset
  • Cleveland
  • Derbyshire
  • Devon & Cornwall
  • Dorset
  • Durham
  • Essex
  • Gloucestershire
  • Humberside
  • Kent
  • Leicestershire
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Norfolk
  • Police Scotland
  • Surrey
  • Thames Valley
  • West Midlands 
  • New Zealand Police

That’s potentially over 84,000 officers and 36,000 police staff in the UK plus over 12,000 in New Zealand with FREE access to Policing Insight.

Key policing organisations such as Scottish Police AuthorityHMICFRS, College of Policing, Police ICT Company and the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners also have organisation wide subscriptions.

In addition, most academic institutions with policing or criminology departments have subscriptions to Policing Insight so if you are a student or staff member you may also have FREE access to Policing Insight.

We also have a growing community of suppliers subscribing to Policing Insight, to keep up with latest thinking in policing and criminal justice. CoPaCC’s ‘Police ICT: User Perspectives’ survey and report, also provides valuable frontline insight for suppliers and other policing stakeholders. Look out for the indepth ‘Police ICT: Force Focus’ reports that deep dive the survey data from the 10 forces providing the largest response to the survey.

This growing community of police and criminal justice readers benefit from in-depth articles and reports looking at new thinking in policing and criminal justice. The Media Monitor service provides a daily brief of the latest news, analysis and reports from the media and police and criminal justice organisations. It is also a valuable research tool with all posts tagged in detail creating a searchable database of over 25,500 posts.

We are hugely grateful to all the organisations subscribing on behalf of their employees and recognising the value of our mission to provide a platform for police and criminal justice stakeholders to share and source progressive ideas and knowledge.

How do I access the FREE subscription?

Just register a user account at using your organisation email address and validate the account by setting up a password via the Welcome email sent to you.

Once logged in, you will be automatically given subscription access if your organisation has an organisation wide subscription.

Already registered an account with your organisation email address? You are ready to go so just log in as usual and your account will be upgraded to subscriber access.

My organisation is not on the list above – how do I get FREE subscriber access to Policing Insight?

Your organisation may already subscribe as the list is just a sample of our customers – please try registering an account with your organisation email address. You will be upgraded automatically if your organisation has a subscription.

My organisation doesn’t have a subscription – what can I do?

Our team are in on-going contact with prospective police forces, agencies, academic institutions and commercial organisations – please get in contact with us if you would like to know more about organisation wide access to Policing Insight. Email us at [email protected]

In the meantime why not take out an individual subscription – we will of course refund the remainder your individual subscription if your organisation subsequently subscribes.

Many thanks to all the police forces and other organisations that have chosen to support Policing Insight and a big welcome to all our new readers with FREE subscriber access.

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