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International Digital Investigation and Intelligence Awards 2018: The Winners!

OPEN Policing Insight22nd March 2018Policing Insight team

The International Digital Intelligence & Investigations Awards 2018 - supported by Policing Insight - took place in March with a formal dinner and ceremony for finalists and invited guests. The event culminated in the announcement and celebration of the winners across the 12 awards categories.

The International Digital Intelligence and Investigations Awards 2018 took place in March with a formal dinner and ceremony for finalists and invited guests.

“It’s been really impressive to see what individual officers and small teams are achieving all over the country in getting to grips with an ever changing and challenging technological landscape to protect the public.”

Michelle Dunn QPM, Senior Responsible Officer, Digital Intelligence and Investigation Programme

In only its second year, the awards saw overwhelming support and interest this year, with 32 different UK Law Enforcement organisations represented across the nominations. Additionally, this year saw the first international entries with ground breaking work being shared from international partners as far afield as the South Australian Police. All entries were judged by an independent panel compiled of senior stakeholders.

Members of the law enforcement community from UK and international police forces, national and international agencies and their selected partner organisations came together for the awards event. The following organisations have been key to the ongoing development and delivery of the awards. Senior representatives from each organisation were present at the awards event to reward nominees and to share and reflect on ongoing challenges facing digital investigation and intelligence communities.

Keynote speeches were delivered by: 

“The highlight for me has been meeting the nominees, hearing about their experiences and seeing their sheer passion and determination for the work they undertake. It has been incredible to see all of the different police forces, our international colleagues and partners working together to protect the public.” 

Joanna Cavan CBE, Deputy Director, GCHQ

  • Richard Alcock CBE, Chief Operating Officer, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism
  • Nick Baker, Deputy Chief Constable, Staffordshire Police, and National Lead, Digital Forensics and Technical Surveillance
  • Ian Bell, Chief Executive Officer, Police ICT Company
  • Joanna Cavan CBE, Deputy Director, GCHQ and Head of National Technical Assistance Centre
  • Michelle Dunn QPM, Deputy Chief Constable, Hertfordshire Constabulary and Senior Responsible Officer, Digital Intelligence and Investigation Programme
  • Ian Dyson QPM, Commissioner, City of London Police and National Lead, Information Management
  • Carl Foulkes, Deputy Chief Constable, Merseyside Police and National Lead, Internet, Intelligence and Investigations
  • Simon Grunwell, Deputy Director, Digital Support and Innovation, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
  • Sir Craig Mackey QPM, Deputy Commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service and National Lead, Business Crime Reduction
  • Richard Berry, Assistant Chief Constable and Senior Responsible Officer for the Communications Data Portfolio
  • Stephanie Roberts QPM, Head of Unit, National Communications Data Services
  • Christopher M Piehota, Executive Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Science and Technology Division

Neil Beet, Director of awards event founders Blue Lights Digital, told Policing Insight: “Hosting this event annually is a privilege and will always be one of the highlights of my career. We are proud to have developed a platform which recognises operational excellence in digital and cyber crime and it is inspirational and humbling to be part of to see the incredible work being undertaken in the UK and Internationally. Congratulations to all of our finalists winners in 2018 – you are incredible people doing incredible things and make this event possible.” 

The Award Winners

Winners were announced at the event, and were presented with awards in recognition of their outstanding work. All the finalists also received recognition within their category.

The award categories, winners, nominees and sponsors were:

“I have met some simply extraordinary people who are passionate about what they do and have achieved innovative outcomes. It  demonstrates a remarkable level of skill across a wide range of forces and a commitment to share that experience to benefit the wider community.”

Simon Grunwell, Deputy Director, HMRC

  • Exceptional Voluntary Contribution to Digital Investigation Capability. WINNER: GLOUCESTERSHIRE CONSTABULARY. Other finalists: National CSCV Programme; Hampshire Constabulary CSCV Team. Award category sponsored by Premier Partnership.
  • Exceptional Work in the Prevention of Cyber Crime. WINNER: BEDFORDSHIRE POLICE CYBER HUB. Other finalists: EMSOU Regional Cyber Crime Unit; National Crime Agency Prevent Team. Award category sponsored by Roke. 
  • Exceptional Use of Communications Data in a Complex Investigation. WINNER: POLICE SERVICE OF NORTHERN IRELAND. Other finalists: Hampshire Constabulary DMI Team; Leicestershire Police RFPS Team. Award category sponsored by Forensic Analytics. 
  • Application of Advanced Open Source Intelligence. WINNER: DURHAM CONSTABULARY. Other finalists: Police Service of Northern Ireland; West Midlands ROCU. Award category sponsored by GBG.
  • Intelligent use of Digital Forensic Triage techniques. WINNER: DIGITAL HUB, LEICESTERSHIRE POLICE. Other finalists: Leicester Police (again!); West Midlands Police DMI Team. Award category sponsored by Evidence Talks.
  • Use of Advanced or Cloud Digital Forensic Techniques. WINNER: TITAN – REGIONAL CYBER CRIME UNIT. Other finalists: Metropolitan Police; National Prison Intelligence Co-ordination Centre. Award category sponsored by Magnet Forensics. 
  • Excellence in Leadership of a Digital Investigation Unit. WINNER: THAMES VALLEY POLICE CYBER TEAM. Other finalists: Lancashire Constabulary; Essex & Kent Police Digital Units. Award category sponsored by BAE Systems. 
  • Contribution to Developing Emerging Sources of Investigation. WINNER: EAST MIDLANDS SPECIAL OPERATIONS UNIT. Other finalists: Suffolk Constabulary; South Australian Police. Award category sponsored by Geoff Smith Associates. 
  • Advanced Acquisition and Use of Vehicle Based Data in an investigation (New category for 2018). WINNER: OPERATION IMPALA TEAM, DORSET POLICE. Other finalists: HMRC Fraud Investigation Service. Award category sponsored by Harper Shaw Investigation Consultants. 
  • Big Data Analysis in a Complex Investigation. WINNER: NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY. Other finalists: West Midlands ROCU; West Midlands Regional Cyber Crime Unit. Award category sponsored by KBR. 
  • International collaboration in a Complex Investigation. WINNER: OPERATION TINEAN TEAM, POLICE SCOTLAND. Other finalists: West Midlands Regional Cyber Crime Unit; HMRC Financial Development Team. Award category sponsored by AWS
  • Digital Investigator of the Year 2018. WINNER: DMI TEAM, HAMPSHIRE CONSTABULARY. Other finalists: the City of London Police Cyber Crime Unit; Essex Police Economic Crime Team. Award category sponsored by Cellebrite. 

Event Charity

“Congratulations to all of our finalists winners in 2018 – you are incredible people doing incredible things and make this event possible.”

Neil Beet, Director, Blue Lights Digital

Thanks to nominees, attendees and sponsors present at the event, a charity auction plus donations managed to raise an awesome £2880 for the Police Dependants’ Trust. This money will go straight to providing much needed, targeted support and financial assistance to police officers injured on duty anywhere in the UK. To help the Awards support this wonderful charity, you can donate here

Winners and Nominees: Forthcoming Policing Insight coverage

In the coming weeks, Policing Insight will be featuring articles covering the stories of both Award winners and nominees. 



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