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Insights Into Children and Families Harmed by Crime: A series of free webinars

OPEN Embrace Child Victims of Crime28th August 2020Embrace Child Victims of Crime

Embrace CVoC

These free online webinars are being held over five days and will offer an insight into children and families harmed by crime. Key speakers, experts in their field, will be exploring the keys issues across sexual violence, domestic abuse, cyber and knife crime and look at how the issues are being tackled.

Crime affects children disproportionately – they all too often witness violent behaviour at home and can unwittingly fall foul of predators on the internet.  And we know that those who carry knives are more likely to be stabbed.

Insights into Children and Families
Harmed by Crime Webinar series

15th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd September 2020

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Insights into Children and Families Harmed by Crime is a series of five webinars that explore the key issues about crime, how it affects our children and how we can support them to recover.

The speakers, all specialists in their field or survivors of crime, will help you to understand more about the effects of crime on children, either directly or as witnesses, and what we need to do to keep the next generation safe.

Embrace CVOC is the only national charity in the United Kingdom that is solely focused on supporting children and young people who have been the victims of serious crime and their immediate families.

Children are the most vulnerable victims in our communities.  Embrace believes that support should be tailored to the needs of individuals, and offers a range of trauma-informed services, all with an unshakeable belief that no child needing help should be on a wait list.

Our webinars tackle the crimes that are the scourge of modern society:

  • Sexual violence and domestic abuse
  • 24/7 threats from online predators
  • Gang culture and violence

These issues should be a concern for us all but can only be adequately addressed through increased understanding of the underlying causes; and society working together to provide the appropriate solutions.   

Participation in the series of webinars is open to all those who wish to learn from the experiences of others and gain an improved understanding of some of the support that is currently available. A ‘must’ for all those working closely with children or commissioning services for them.

Access to the webinars is free and your registration will give you access to all five webinars in the series.

The five webinars in the series:

  1. How can we protect the next generation?  Making sense of the facts, trends and outcome of crime affecting our young people. Our opening webinar scopes the crimes that are damaging the futures of young lives.  If we accept that children are the most vulnerable members of our society, it follows that we must prioritise working together on strategies that keep children safe from crime.  Police and Crime Commissioners hold the budget for services for victims so what are they doing to support children, young people and families?
  1. Understanding the social impact of increasing sexual violence and domestic abuse. Sexual violence and domestic abuse are, by far, the most common reason for referral to Embrace.  This webinar looks at these crimes from three different perspectives – from police, from a lawyer and from a survivor.  No holds barred.
  1. Tackling the 24.7 online threat to keep young people safe from the hidden dangers of cyber crime. Do you know what the young members in your family are accessing on the internet?  Do you know how easy it is for children to get involved in inappropriate online relationships and fall prey to adult stalkers? It can be a scary world and this webinar doesn’t hold back.
  1. Disrupting and diverting gang culture to prevent rising knife crime. A glimpse into a world that few of us, thankfully, ever get close to but one that can wreak havoc with our children.  This webinar includes testimony from a reformed gang member who is now a passionate campaigner to help prevent violent crime and exploitation. 
  1. Working in partnership to deliver solutions that work for children and families.Children traumatised by crime can exhibit behaviours that many find difficult to understand.  Self-harming is sometimes coping mechanism.   Counselling is not always the answer – we look at how services are developing to help our young people use their experiences as a path to a brighter future.


At Embrace, we feel that the issues addressed in our series of webinars should be made available to as wide an audience as possible.

We have therefore provided access to all the sessions free of charge. However, as a registered charity, the support we are able to provide child victims of crime and their families depends entirely on external funding and donations.

Should you feel able to make a contribution to Alfie’s Hardship Fund which has been set up to specifically to provide practical and emotional support to children and families harmed by crime during the current pandemic, please donate here:

Alfie's Hardship Fund

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