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CoPaCC publishes latest report on PCC transparency

Transparency 2018

The latest CoPaCC thematic report, 'PCCs and Statutory Transparency,' is published today. CoPaCC has undertaken a review of PCCs and transparency in every year since 2012, when Police and Crime Commissioners were first elected. Bernard Rix, CoPaCC Chief Executive and Policing Insight's Publisher, introduces the latest review and outlines what additional related work is planned for next year.

Since its establishment in late 2012, CoPaCC has published a number of Thematic reports focusing on key topics in policing. Amongst our most recent Thematics, we have: provided early insight on the likely implications of Brexit for policing and security; taken a detailed look at police and fire governance; examined potential for police use of drones; reviewed police use of body worn video.

This new CoPaCC Report is the latest in an annual series examining conformance with statutory transparency obligations by Police and Crime Commissioners’ Offices (or “OPCC Transparency” for short). CoPaCC first examined OPCC Transparency in Autumn 2013. Early the following year, I gave oral evidence to the House of Commons’ Home Affairs Select Committee, during which the Committee suggested that CoPaCC, as a public service, should review OPCC Transparency annually.

I am very pleased to publish this latest OPCC Transparency review. I am particularly grateful to my CoPaCC colleague, Sandra Andrews, for her excellent work in conducting the bulk of the analysis, and to Ian Barrett for his sterling work in preparing this Thematic report. I am also grateful to all OPCCs who responded to our request for evidence on this topic, as well as to those who have contributed relevant articles for this Thematic report.

Policing Insight’s editor, Tina Orr Munro, interviewed government policing advisor Lord Wasserman as part of this Thematic. His comments on PCCs, their role and the importance of transparency are particularly informative and thought-provoking. Tina’s interview of Lord Wasserman is therefore very much worth reading, as is the article by North Yorkshire PCC, Julia Mulligan. Julia is the APCC’s Lead for Transparency and Integrity, and therefore particularly well placed to comment on CoPaCC’s work.

We at CoPaCC will be of course continuing our annual review of OPCC Transparency next year. We have plans to further improve the detail of CoPaCC’s analysis: I have provided more information on this in my background article within this Thematic report. I would very much welcome your feedback, and the feedback of all interested parties, on those plans.


To read about CoPaCC’s review of OPCC transparency and the “Open and Transparent” Quality Mark awards, please download the report FREE below

 PCCs and TransparencyPCCs and Statutory Transparency
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