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Brexit: Implications for Policing and Security

CoPaCC Brexit Report

Published today, the new thematic report from CoPaCC collates views and analysis on the implications of Brexit for policing and security. Contributors including Sir Hugh Orde, PCC Martyn Underhill and PSAEW President Gavin Thomas highlight the key areas of concern.

On Thursday, 23rd June, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Since then, there has been relatively little public domain discussion about, or analysis of, the likely implications for policing and security. Almost without exception, discussion and debate has focused on Brexit’s economic implications.

It is only very recently that Brexit’s policing and security implications have attracted attention – for example, with the Labour Party’s publication of 170 questions on Brexit (with numbers 72 to 83 focusing on law enforcement and security); and the Lords “EU Home Affairs” sub-committee inquiry into “Brexit: future EU-UK security and police co-operation”.

We decided that CoPaCC would contribute to discussion of Brexit’s implications for policing and
security, in two ways. Firstly we organised a “Brexit: Implications for policing and security” conference, which was hosted by leading law firm Fieldfisher on Wednesday, 14th September. Secondly, we are publishing this Brexit thematic also supported by Fieldfisher.

This is a collection of expert insights and analyses focusing on the effect that Brexit may have on policing and security. These articles help to identify how best to deliver policing and security benefits from Brexit whilst mitigating any potential downside.

 Brexit: Implications for Policing and Security CoPaCC Brexit Report
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