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Better staff scheduling so you can maximise your workforce and your budgets

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British Police, High visibility

There are plenty of generic scheduling solutions that work great for organisations with simple shift patterns or your typical 9-5. InTime’s mission is to provide advanced scheduling and workforce management tools for complex organisations that don’t fit that mould.

InTime was built for the police, by the police, so you can rest assured that we understand your advanced employee scheduling and workforce requirements.

We have your complex rotation patterns, departmental rules and coverage levels covered, you only have to manage exceptions and approvals. Scheduling really doesn’t have to be a full-time job!

The InTime Solution

The complete scheduling, duty management and overtime solution for complex organisations. InTime removes manual processes, relieves the admin burden and improves back office efficiencies. The solution makes the most of your human resource, so you can make the most of your budgets.

From 50-person police forces to 10,000 employee private security companies, InTime has your workforce management covered.

How InTime helps you: Designed to counter your organisation’s challenges

Maximise your human resource

Minimise your risks
InTime ensures your organisation is prepared for unexpected staffing issues and allows you to build intelligent resource plans.

Reducing your staffing costs

Make better use of your budgets
Through empowering organisations to build staffing and operational efficiencies, InTime helps you to make better use of your budget.

Enable commercial decision making

Build an effective workforce
With a 360-degree view of your workforce, your organisation can utilise detailed workforce insight to make informed commercial decisions.

Respond to enhanced demand

Counter staffing challenges
Increasing demand for your organisation’s services presents both an opportunity and challenge. InTime will help you to negotiate these.

A system that keeps you in budget: Delivering a proven return on your investment


90% Reduction in overtime management

50% Reduction in overtime costs

85% Reduction in scheduling administration

For more information on how InTime can improve your organisation’s efficiency, please do get in touch.

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InTime Business Development
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