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A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers…

Our Publisher, Bernard Rix, reflects on Policing Insight's last twelve months, sets out our Christmas and New Year schedule, and takes a look on what we're planning for 2018...

Many in policing will be “on duty” over Christmas and New Year. Let me start this article by acknowledging that many of our readers will not be able to take an extended holiday with family and friends at this time of year. If you are working, thank you for looking after our communities as we others take a break. And if you’re a police officer, staff member or volunteer fortunately able to take some time off, thank you too for your service throughout the rest of the year.

Our Christmas and New Year publishing…

Our Policing Insight team will, largely, be taking a break for much of the coming two weeks, though we will continue to maintain our popular Media Monitor service throughout. We will also publish the occasional time-sensitive article (for example, with an early look at the policing-oriented New Year’s Honours). We will email our next newsletter on Wednesday, 10th January, 2018.

A glance back at 2017…

Three of the Policing Insight team have this week taken a look back at Policing Insight’s year.

Our Commissioning Editor, Tina Orr Munro, provides her own personal highlights of 2017 – drawing attention to key Policing Insight articles and reports from the year.

In her article, our Editor, Carina O’Reilly has focused on an academic perspective – covering notable research and collaboration, an “Evidence Based Policing” update and an examination of academia from police officers’ perspectives. 

Our guest contributor, Gary Mason, has used our Media Monitor service to summarise the main policing news from the year, month by month. 

My own highlights? I’m drawn towards the five Thematic reports we published or updated during the year – namely on Police ICT Users’ Views, on fire governance, on drones, on body worn video, and on OPCC Transparency.

Looking forward to 2018…

There’s much to look forward to in the year to come.

Whilst much of the detail of CoPaCC and Policing Insight’s plans for 2018 needs to remain ‘under wraps’ for the time being, there are one or two gems it’s possible to mention here. 

In early January, we’ll be announcing the 2017/18 CoPaCC “OPCC Transparency” awards. CoPaCC has administered these awards since the introductions of PCCs back in November 2012, and 2018 will be the fifth year of our making these presentations.

During the first three months of 2018, we’ll be publishing more detail of the CoPaCC “Police ICT User” 2017 survey results. We’ll run the second national Police ICT User survey during May and June 2018, and will publish the headline results shortly after, with more detail to follow during the rest of the year.

In June, we’re planning a major event on criminal justice governance. We’ll publish more information on this event early in the new year.

Plus we’ll continue with more of our Thematics, focusing on more of the key policing issues of the day, month and year.

My especial thanks to…

In closing, I’d like to thank two particular groups of people.

Firstly, our fantastic Policing Insight and CoPaCC team. Some I’ve mentioned above, whilst others have been name-checked in our articles and Thematic reports during the course of the year. 

And secondly, you. Our readers. We’d be nothing without your interest, feedback and support. Thank you for all your encouragement during 2017. We’re aiming to provide even more great policing insight for you in 2018…

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