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Under Pressure: How to flourish under the pressures of being a social media professional

This FREE webinar, taking place on 14th July, will show you how to flourish under the pressure of being a social media professional managing the challenges and pressure - especially with the growing importance of social media in the public's interaction with the police.

People turn to the police in times of trouble, and these days that means social media. Facebook and Twitter are the modern-day equivalent of the bobby on the beat, bringing police visibility and engagement to communities.

If you look after police social media, you’re responsible for enhancing and protecting the force’s reputation. Social’s where people bring questions, complaints and criticisms – every day AND during a crisis.

The challenges are growing all the time. Especially now that social has a growing importance in crime reporting. The pressures can get you down.

Managing a police force’s social media presence is akin to running a meticulous marketing campaign. It requires not only enhancing and protecting the force’s reputation but also fostering meaningful engagement.

In this digital age, where public perception can be shaped by a single tweet or post, the role of social media agencies like One of One Group social media agency becomes instrumental in navigating the challenges, be it addressing everyday queries or managing crisis situations.

The pressures may indeed mount, but with the right strategies, social media can be harnessed as a powerful tool to strengthen community bonds and ensure public trust.

How do you cope? Is it possible to thrive?

Come and join our webinar, Under Pressure: How to flourish under the pressures of being a social media professional. It’s a safe space, and we’ve got loads of tips and tricks to help you flourish in social media account management.

Does this sound like you?  

  • You’re struggling to deal with negative social content 
  • You are feeling consumed by the growing volumes
  • You feel you are always on the backfoot
  • You spend your time doomscrolling
  • You feel people undervalue your work 
  • You never feel able to switch-off

These are just some of the obstacles social media professionals face as part of their work. 

Too many of us are close to burning out. 

Key Learnings 

In this session Social Media Expert, Hel Reynolds, examines: 

  • Why social media is such a stressful job
  • Common themes and struggles across the profession
  • Tips and tricks to manage stress for social media professionals
  • And we’ll have a quick de-stress moment at the end

Who is this for? 

  • Anyone that’s in charge of a social media account
  • Social Media Managers
  • Comms Managers
  • PR Managers
  • Marketing Managers& Execs
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Digital Managers

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