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We Fight Fraud Live 2021: The new world through criminal eyes


We Fight Fraud Live 2021, proudly supported by LexisNexis Risk Solutions and media partner Policing Insight, is the only live global event which helps you understand the criminals who threaten businesses. The event takes place on 28th April 2021 - be sure to register your place today.

Don’t for one minute believe it all takes place in the digital world. Human behaviour is notoriously the weakest link – computers don’t commit crime, people do, and only people can prevent it!”
Andy McDonald, We Fight Fraud

A unique and important online event

As the world faces its “biggest peacetime challenge” with Covid-19, businesses have never been more under threat. Cracks and vulnerabilities have appeared in otherwise effective security procedures. Criminals have quickly adapted to exploit these new opportunities to commit crime.

But who are the criminals? What and how do they think? As you well know, it’s hard to keep one step ahead of them. That’s where We Fight Fraud (WFF) Live can help.

A conference unlike any other

WFF uses our unparalleled access to ‘real and current’ intelligence from the criminal underworld. We combine this with insights from top academic experts, law enforcement professionals and business thought leaders to create a groundbreaking agenda.

Fraud and financial crime have reached epidemic levels and should be seen as a national security issue”
Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), 2021

Delegates learn from real life situations and actual case studies – no filters!

  • Data and industry insights you can share
  • Release of ground-breaking criminal research
  • Compelling interviews with former criminals, hackers and fraudsters
  • In-depth analysis of recent frauds and financial crimes
  • Startling and informative war stories from the front line

Register now and learn from real life situations and actual case studies – go to to register.

Key discussion topics

Until you’ve seen the world through the eyes of a criminal, how can you anticipate their next move?”
Tony Sales, We Fight Fraud

The topics that matter most – from multiple perspectives.

  • Digital Identity threats
  • Onboarding threats
  • Front of house security threats
  • Social engineering threats
  • Employee awareness training
  • Invoice fraud
  • Supply chain attacks

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The speakers

At WFF Live 2020, our unique panel of experts predicted the devastating impact of the pandemic on businesses. Our stellar line-up makes its predictions for the future, and the lessons learned this past year.

Pat Lordan, Head, Irish Financial Intelligence Unit

Karen Baxter

Karen Baxter, MD Intelligence Strategy, UK Finance

Paul Connolly

Paul Connolly, host, TV crime journalist

Kevin Millwood

Kevin Millwood, Cyber Risk Manager, Hargreaves Lansdown

Terry Ellis

Terry Ellis, author, former data thief

Arun Chauhan

Arun Chauhan, fraud & financial crime compliance lawyer

Paul Dwyer

Paul Dwyer, CEO Cyber Risk International

Andy McDonald

Andy McDonald, WFF Chief Advisor – Former head of counter terrorist, organised crime & fraud teams at New Scotland Yard

Glenn Marr

Glenn Marr, Senior Director, Insurance Analytics & Financial Crimes, Luxoft

Dr Elisabeth Carter

Dr Elisabeth Carter, Forensic Linguist

Merisa Merico

Merisa Merico, criminologist, former Mafia money launderer 

Mike Jones

Mike Jones, CIO Cyber Tree Paradox, former ‘Anonymous’ hacker

Tony Sales

Tony Sales, WFF Subject Matter Expert & an ex-fraudster

Dr Nicola Harding

Dr Nicola Harding, WFF Adviser, Criminologist and lived-experience expert

Solomon Gilbert

Solomon Gilbert, WFF’s Head of Cyber and former hacker

Noel 'Razor' Smith

Noel ‘Razor’ Smith, Newspaper editor, former bank robber

Skip Myers

Skip Myers, Director of loss prevention microcenter




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WFF Live 2021

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