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Women in the Police Conference


27th Sep 2024 to 27th Sep 2024

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Women now make up 35% of the overall police workforce with 5 times the number of female chief constables than there were in 2019.*

However, a distinct lack of women in senior and specialist positions and frequent reports of harassment and sexism indicate that more needs to be done to advance gender equality in policing.

Westminster Insight’s Women in the Police Conference will explore the key challenges and solutions in the recruitment, career progression and retention of female staff. Including tackling the additional barriers facing women with further protected characteristics.

Attend to hear best practice from forces tackling sexual harassment, bullying and misogyny through improved reporting, disciplinary action and culture transformation.

Explore how to develop recruitment campaigns to appeal to women and how to support them to develop their careers in the police, especially into police divisions and senior positions where they are underrepresented.

Improve retention of parents in the workforce through maternity and family support policies to ensure women can return to the workplace. Discover what forces are doing to support women’s health in the workplace, including those undergoing fertility treatments, endometriosis and the menopause.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to improve female representation in the police to better represent the communities they protect.

*Home Office, 2023

Key Points

  • Rebuilding trust with the Police as a female friendly employer by addressing misogynistic culture, tackling sexual harassment and bullying
  • Addressing factors that are hindering entry, progression and retention of talent
  • Considering the additional challenges facing women with further protected characteristics
  • Improving the recruitment of women through targeted campaigns and promotion of female friendly workplace policies
  • Strategies to support staff who are or are about to become parents through promoting a healthy work-life balance
  • Creating a working environment and culture that supports female health
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