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Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour Digital Conference


19th Sep 2024 to 19th Sep 2024

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A year after the Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan, what progress is being made to deliver safer communities across England and Wales? What will be the priorities for the next government to tackle ASB?

With discussion around the reintroduction of ASBOs, changes to prosecutions, an increase in retail crime, and commitments to neighbourhood policing, what will the next government do to improve early intervention and responses to ASB?

Join Westminster Insight’s annual Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour Digital Conference 2024 to gain insights on what is next to tackle this key issue.

Hear from practitioners from policing, local government, and housing on improving community cohesion, safety, de-escalation, and multi-agency working.

You will hear from community safety partnerships in ASB hotspot areas on what can be done to improve outcomes for victims of ASB, stop repeat offenses and prosecute perpetrators.

We will learn how to solve ASB crime by making the best use of available resources and funding. Spotlighting homelessness-related ASB, understand how to support those who are vulnerable while taking action to reassure residents, and to help housing associations deal with noise complaints.

Croydon Council will share their approach focussed on early intervention with young people, partnerships working and de-escalating ASB crime to ensure a safer community for all.

Chaired by Deputy Chief Constable Andy Prophet, NPCC lead for Anti-Social Behaviour, understand how policing can work with other agencies to improve prevention and create visible justice for offenders.

Don’t miss the opportunity to network with colleagues on our digital platform and ask questions to expert speakers from the NPCC, Home Office and award-winning organisations.

Key Points

  • What next to tackle ASB at a national level?
  • Neighbourhood Policing and community cohesion: what can we do at a local level to improve responses to ASB crime?
  • Learning from the Action Plan one year on
  • Embedding a culture of multi-agency working to tackle ASB
  • Preventing escalation by engaging in early intervention practices
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