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National Cyber Security Show 2024: Uniting the UK’s approach to tackling cyber threats and protecting our digital world
(Ended 2nd May 2024)


30th Apr 2024 to 2nd May 2024

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In a digital age where one small business in the UK falls victim to cyberattacks every 19 seconds (source: Hiscox), safeguarding your business against cyber threats has never been more critical.

The National Cyber Security Show is your gateway to a deeper understanding of the current and impending cyber threats.

Join us at the NEC in Birmingham to discover and acquire cutting-edge products and software solutions that will fortify your business against cyber risks, and have a chance to connect with industry-leading experts, learning directly from their invaluable insights.

– Gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest cybersecurity threats, trends, and solutions in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

– Connect with industry-leading experts, cybersecurity professionals, and thought leaders, providing you with invaluable insights and networking opportunities.

– Attend informative workshops and seminars delivered by experts to acquire practical knowledge and strategies for mitigating cyber risks effectively.

– Explore a wide range of innovative cybersecurity products, software solutions, and technologies that can enhance your business’s security posture.

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