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National analyst’s annual conference 2022 (In progress)


27th Jun 2022 to 28th Jun 2022

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Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire, UK 28-29 June 2022

  • Booking is now live!
  • First in-person National Analyst’s event for two years
  • Join us for a great two days of safe in-person networking and best practice sharing
  • Venue adheres to strict covid policy to ensure your safety at all times. Please contact us for further details
  • Exhibition stands will run alongside the conference

We’re back in person for our first in-person National Analyst’s event in two year and we hope you’ll just us for a great two days of best practice sharing and in-person networking.

​This is our fifth national event that promotes the status and professionalism of crime and intelligence analysts working in forces, wider law enforcement as well as government and other public and private sector roles.

​Our exciting event will provide even more best practice, latest updates, case studies, trends. and predictions – all to support the operational role of the analyst.

​There will also be an open discussion session involving the Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts (ACIA) that will provide delegates with the opportunity to share their own challenges and views about life as an analyst.


Day One

9.20am-9.30am: Welcome and introduction, Carol Jenkins, The Investigator

9.30am-10.10am: Opening address: Current and future challenges and opportunities for today’s analysts, Mark Parkinson, Head of Analysis and Research, Digital and Specialist Capability, Met Police

10.10am-11am: The importance of developing an ‘analyst’s mindset’, being proactive and assertive when working in operational policing​, particularly when facing the challenges of remote working, Jon Ayres, Force Intelligence Analysis Manager (FIAM), Thames Valley Police

11am-11.30am: Break

11.30am-12.20pm: How Crime Script Analysis (CSA) can help provide a comprehensive picture of offending behaviour and the activities of interconnected participants (organisations and/or individuals) involved in illegal activity. Dr Spencer Chainey, Associate Professor, University College London Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science

12.20pm-1pm: JTOL TBC

1pm-2pm: Lunch

2pm-2.50pm: i2 Tips and Tricks – three parts: Analyst’s Notebook, two parts iBase and a touch of Enterprise Intelligence Analysis (EIA)
A live demonstration where we will look at tips using the keyboard, mouse and Palettes in Analyst’s Notebook. Then a look at how adjust the chart background, ideal for those who struggle with the harsh white background on most charts. Next up is iBase; managing default categories to speed up things like saving Queries; controlling which items are laid out when charting to Analyst’s Notebook. Finally, finishing with a look at Enterprise Intelligence Analysis (EIA)

2.50pm-3.30pm: Digital focus: AI-Powered Analytics with Oxygen Forensic® Detective, an all-in-one forensic software platform that can extract, decode, and analyse data from multiple digital sources, Shaji Damodharan, Sales Engineer, EMEA, Oxygen Forensics

3.30pm-4pm: Break

4pm – 4.40pm: Audience discussion on the current and future challenges facing analysts. This open session will involve Paige Keningale and Steve French from the Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts (ACIA) and will provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss their own challenges and share experiences of life as an operational analyst.

4.45pm: Day One finishes

Day Two

9am-9.05am: Welcome and introduction, Carol Jenkins, The Investigator

9.05am-9.40am: National Data Analytics and Ethics Project: Latest update and development on a new project that looks at the national landscape for data analytics and data ethics in UK police forces, Mandy Kaur, DII Strategic Work Stream Lead, Legal Exploitation of Data and Evidence, College of Policing, Mandy Kaur

9.40am-10.40am: Organised Crime Group Mapping: Latest best practice around Organised Crime Group Mapping (CGM), Kath Tyler, Head of Tactical Intelligence Analysis, Tactical Intelligence Analysis Team, National Intelligence Hub, National Targeting Centre, National Crime Agency

Call Obfuscation Challenges: The National Crime Agency has seen an increase in criminals using call obfuscation, the process of hiding your number when making a call. To assist analysts who come across this tactic, this presentation takes an in-depth look at an investigation where call obfuscation featured; examines how the system works and looks at how to evidence such communication, Darren Irving, Senior Intelligence Analyst, Tactical Intelligence Analysis Team, National Intelligence Hub, National Targeting Centre, National Crime Agency

10.40am-11am: Break

11am-11.50am: Analytical Heuristics: cognitive tools for digital times. A look at some of the traps and risks for analysts when using digital data and IT tools and ways to avoid them, Mark Lockwood, Senior Analyst, Care Quality Commission and former police analyst and Howard Atkin, Senior Lecturer in Policing, University of Huddersfield and former SIO and investigator.

11.50am-12.20pm: JTOL TBC

12.20pm-1.10pm: Lunch

1.10pm-2pm: Artificial Intelligence and how it can support the analysis of information and data: a look at concept of Artificial Intelligence, how it can support the work of the analyst as well as legal hurdles and the importance of understanding bias in the system, Phil Tomlinson, Digital Intelligence and Investigation consultant and trainer, former head of Digital Intelligence and Investigation, Met Police.

2pm-2.50pm: Developing Lines of Inquiry with data from Digital Devices: how to determine whether a line of inquiry is reasonable when it involves a digital device and latest research around the data that can be gleaned from digital devices that could help the analyst, Dr Graeme Horsman, Senior Lecturer, Digital Forensics, Cranfield University

3pm: Conference closesHeadline sponsor JTOL
We’re pleased to welcome JTOL as our headline sponsor to this event to update us on all the latest developments – they will be speaking and exhibiting.

There will also be exhibition stands from leading technology companies so you can engage with them in-person.

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