Global progressive policing

Evidence-Based Policing, Research and Innovation Conference
(Ended 28th Mar 2023)


27th Mar 2023 to 28th Mar 2023

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Mon, 27 Mar 2023, 09:00 – Tue, 28 Mar 2023, 17:00 BST
North Lakes Hotel & Spa Ullswater Road Penrith CA11 8QT

Listening to research, valuing experience and building policing practice

Evidence-based practice is key to ensuring that services are delivered effectively and have the desired impact. This conference will showcase some of the developments being made around evidence-based policing. There are a range of experienced guest speakers who will demonstrate the value of evidence-based policing at a practitioner level.

There are five key areas of this conference, these are:

Evidence-based policing in digital spaces. Digital policing transcends the usual geographical boundaries of forces and communities. Crimes such as image based sexual abuse, digital coercive control, and the weaponising of home security challenges policing to respond. Our speakers will address this using their research experience and findings.

Policing Hotspots. This is a critical area for policing and this conference will provide details of experiments with mapping hotspots in rural spaces. Police colleagues will also share their experiences of establishing briefings and areas of hotspots.

– Collision Reduction and Road Safety. Cumbria is a rural county and people die and become injured on our roads. The conference will address how partnerships might approach this and how the Cambridge Crime Harm Index philosophy could be adopted to a roads harm index.

– Violence against Women and Girls. Violence against Men and Boys. We will highlight through our speakers some of the steps being taken in policing, and policy, to address this critical area. This will focus on the practitioner and researcher level and invite critical perspectives.

– Wellbeing and Leadership. There are many challenges in Policing around culture, staff wellbeing and leadership. Our speakers will focus on some of the current approaches being used and what research tells us about what is effective.

The speakers at this conference are a mixture of academic and police practitioners. The sessions over the two days are mixed between presenting speakers, ‘hot talks’ and smaller group work. The intention being to draw critical approaches and experiences from our guests and speakers and build on partnerships and professional experience.

The event is partly sponsored by the Office of the Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner and Slater and Gordon.

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