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Domestic Abuse- Safeguarding for the Future (In progress)


30th Nov 2021 to 30th Nov 2021

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“As levels of domestic abuse continues to rise, so too are calls to ensure policing responses to this crime are proportionate and effective. Domestic abuse is an evasive and difficult crime and takes considerable time and effort to deal with. Police have experienced many challenges over the pandemic and moved resources to enhance the response but the strain on the ‘front-line’ is palpable and over the medium term, this is likely to lead to a less than satisfactory response for victims. At the same time of coming under increasing scrutiny about their approach policing has highlighted the resource requirement has outstripped supply.

The murder of Sarah Everard demonstrated opportunities for a criminal infiltrator within the police to prey on vulnerability for personal gain, affecting the trust of police by the public on a wide and significant scale and called into question if the actions of one man can put a shadow over the confidence in all police? With a record level of e has grown

Moreover, with the number of domestic homicides already outstripping the figures of last year, these issues are rarely out of the headlines and indeed the minds and fears for all.

This conference looks to provide valuable insights from a range of experts, professionals and practitioners to explore the challenges, experiences and solutions to policing responses to domestic abuse.”


Speakers for this event

Dr Victor Olisa QPM (London Policing College)

Polly Harrar (Founder and CEO – The Sharan Project)

Detective Superintendent Matt Pilch (Metropolitan Police Service)

Deisy Carrillo (University of West London)

Chief Superintendent Richard North (West Midlands Police)

Christine Gagnon (CelluleSCAN)

Graham Goulden (Cultivating Minds UK)

Elizabeth Jiminez-Yanez (Policy and Communications Coordinator on VAWG – Latin American Women’s Rights Service)

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