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3rd International Police Education Conference Workshop Series: UK Policing Legitimacy – What is the New Normal? (In progress)


21st Oct 2021 to 21st Oct 2021

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Crime prevention (CP) and social governance (SG) can be seen as two different models. The CP model is about incidents happening and what you do to resolve them, whereas the SG model is more steady state and what you do to stop incidents from happening in the first place. If you get these things right, you get an absence of crime and disorder as an outcome, rather than policing activity to deal with it, and the police become more integrated into society, which in turn leads back to Sir Robert Peel’s original 1829 policing principles.

From the UK perspective, the Metropolitan Police, which is rapidly approaching 200 years old, is seen as the first modern police service and the first to move into what is described as ‘modernity’. For the last twenty years there has been a debate about whether policing in the UK is in ‘late modernity’ or ‘post-modernity’ and some countries, especially those challenging their colonial history, are openly critical of the “Peelian Principles”.

Clearly, the principles that underpin policing in any country vary around the globe. One constant over the last twelve months has been the pandemic and our 2020 Conference looked at how global policing coped with the challenge of policing in a pandemic. This workshop will consider if the pandemic has changed policing and whether there are new or amended principles that define our model of the future.

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