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3rd International Police Education Conference: ‘Policing in the Pandemic – What is the New Normal?’ (In progress)


23rd Nov 2021 to 23rd Nov 2021

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Tuesday 23rd November 2021 at University of West London (Ealing Campus).

The pandemic has had a global impact and, although the impact has been varied as measured by deaths and hospital admissions, no country has avoided disruption and change to normal society. One constant has been policing, which in many countries is an anchor institution, an organisation that people turn to in times of crisis.

Last year, our conference looked at how the police were coping in the early stages of the pandemic when the most drastic impositions were being placed on communities. The evidence we heard was raw and edgy as police around the world found innovative ways of maintaining law and order whilst themselves suffering from Covid-19. At that stage we were only six months into the pandemic and already the police were stretched and struggling in many places.

In this year’s conference, we look at the impact on policing after eighteen months and specifically whether it has impacted on police / community relations.

Policing models differ around the world, but many follow the social governance model championed by Sir Robert Peel in 1829, where the absence of crime and disorder is an outcome of stopping incidents in the first place rather than police activity to deal with it. There is some suggestion that this model is under strain in many countries and in some is being openly challenged. The conference will seek to examine whether there is now a new policing model, not only in those countries that have traditionally enjoyed close police-community relations but also in those where the model has been radically different.

We are delighted to have a strong cast of speakers, both police officers and academics, who have first-hand experience of the challenges of the last eighteen months. Some will be speaking live at Weston Hall in the University of West London, but others will join us on-line, as the University have kindly agreed to live-stream the event. This will allow colleagues from around the world to join the debate which, thanks to the support of the International Police Association, will be more varied and widespread than ever.

Confirmed keynote speakers for this event include:

Assistant Chief Constable Owen Weatherill (National Police Chiefs Council)
Superintendent May-Britt Ronnebro (Swedish National Police)
Professor Alison Wakefield (University of West London)
Chief Superintendent Pete Gardner (Metropolitan Police Service)

The afternoon will include two discussion panels, where the audience will be invited to discuss the following topics with subject matter experts:

Police Legitimacy – Policing after the Pandemic – What is the New Normal?
UK Preparedness – What lessons have been learnt?

Panellists include:

Dr Stuart Hyde QPM (British Red Cross)
Superintendent Hannah Wheeler QPM (National Police Coordination Centre)
Rod Jarman QPM (London Policing College)
Jonathan Jackson (Birmingham City University)
Bob Broadhurst OBE QPM (London Policing College)
Lizzie Peters (MOPAC)
Roger Gomm QPM (London Policing College)

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