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2nd Annual Police Tech Conference & Expo 2024
(Ended 1st May 2024)


30th Apr 2024 to 1st May 2024

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Canada’s Hub for Police Technology Innovation

April 30 – May 1, 2024
Mississauga Convention Center, Toronto, ON

Experience the captivating convergence of Canada’s senior law enforcement officers and the leading trailblazers of innovative technology companies

About the Conference

The face of public safety is changing.

Command Staff need to act quickly to adapt to a rapidly evolving landscape. To prepare, law enforcement leaders must gather to discuss making police operations more efficient while uncovering the opportunities presented by emerging tools used in combating new threats and challenges. This unique event will balance in-person learning with hands on interactivity focusing on the latest technology solutions for law enforcement.

Join 100+ Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, and Directors of IT and dive into the latest trends, tools and opportunities. Calculate how the latest tools can provide a return on investment, improve operational efficiency and increase public safety, and much more!

About the Expo

See demonstrations of the newest devices and services being used in police departments, security services, and law enforcement agencies from across Canada. Don’t miss your best opportunity to:

  • CONNECT with cutting-edge technology companies, police chiefs, deputy chiefs, and directors of IT from law enforcement and the private sector
  • NETWORK with policing professionals and technology experts on our Expo floor
  • EXPERIENCE hands-on the latest devices, systems, services and equipment
  • SEE DEMOS of the latest tech being used in police departments, security services, and law enforcement agencies


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