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Scene of Crime Kit for UK Police forces from JET PRESS

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An entire case can hinge on the integrity of the evidence collected at the scene of a crime. Simple to use, cost effective Security Products make good evidence management more likely.

In 2019 we improved our range of Scene of Crime Kit and Security Products for the police. The stronger range of Security Seals, Secure Bags, Manhole & Drain Seals and VOID labels from JET PRESS meets key evidence management requirements for UK Law Enforcement.

Seals for a range of police tasks

Forensic Science relies on Locard’s exchange principle. The perpetrator of a crime will bring something into the crime scene and leave with something from it. Both can be used as forensic evidence.

So your Scene of Crime Officers (SOCO’s) use a Scene of Crime Kit to gather items and carefully place them in bags, then seal the bags. But, if the integrity of the evidence can be questioned a case may collapse. The quality of the seal is vital.

Secure-Tite Seal

Secure-Tite Seal

We supply three kinds of seal to UK police forces. They are used in Scene of Crime Kits and for a variety of police tasks. The Secure-Tite Seal is an adjustable length plastic strap seal. A Self-locking seal, it has a one-piece construction for optimum security. You have the option to specify gripping prongs. These seals can be sequentially numbered and printed with a logo.

The Ultra Strap Bag Seal is adjustable for length and it’s suitable for temperatures from -29°C to 82°C. It has firm polymer teeth and has to be removed with a cutting tool. You can customise this strap with barcoding, letters or numbering.

Secure-Pull Adjustable seals are easy to pull up. The 2mm diameter tail fits small apertures and the integral metal clip provides a high level of security. All these seals are available in several lengths.

By using these seals to prove that evidence has not been tampered with you can manage evidence effectively and protect the integrity of evidence that may be crucial to a case.

Document bag

Document bag

Bags for keys, cash or documents

Police officers have to keep a range of items like personal possessions, documents and vehicle or building keys secure. This is particularly important in Custody Suites. Reusable bags with tamper-evident clips are a cost-effective solution. We supply two kinds of bag.

Key Control & Cash Bags with clips provide tamper-evident protection. They feature a heavy-duty nylon reversed zip and an internally accessed information window. You can specify custom printing and barcoding. They come in a range of sizes.

You can also order A4 Document Bags from JET PRESS. They are the same as the Key bags but designed to carry documents. Please talk to our sales team on +44 1623 551 800 about our scheme for supplying free bags with initial orders for clips.

Manhole and drain security seals

Manhole and drain security seals

Manhole and Drain Seals

When a VIP who is considered a potential terrorist target visits an area the Police need to put Manhole and Drain Seals on drains and similar covers. They need to be quick and easy to supply and suitable for use on roads and pavements. The seals we supply are quick and easy to apply. They are made from flexible vulcanised rubber so they’re suitable for uneven surfaces like tarmac roads. And they don’t wear or fracture easily in use. Yellow sequential numbering helps with identification.

Void labels to deter or detect

Police forces can put these Void Labels on any opening like a container, a door, or a drawer. They show clearly that the door or drawer has not been opened. Most are very obvious and designed to deter illicit opening. The Polyester Foil Frangible labels are stronger and shatter when they are broken so they cannot be put back together.

Covert UV Security Labels

Covert UV Security Labels

Covert labels leave a residue that can only be read with a UV light to show the void has been compromised. All come on rolls and are easy to use.

The KR Removable Residue Void Labels, KL Total Transfer Void Labels and KNR Non-Residue Void Labels are all designed to be visible deterrents. You can choose red or blue versions of the KR and KL labels and both are easy to write on. You can customise the message on the residue for the KC seals.

These are the JET PRESS security products that are most relevant to police forces. JET PRESS already supply a number of police forces and are familiar with police requirements. Jet Press have a huge range of other security products  supplied to a range of industries that may be valuable to police forces.

You can see the range of Security Products available on our website. If you would like to discuss your requirements please call +44 1623 551 800, email [email protected] or use our online enquiry form.

Established in 1977, JET PRESS is a market leader in providing engineered fasteners, including Security Products. In the security section we have JetPress logoa strong range of proven off-the-shelf products like security bags, labels and seals ideal for police forces. Our customers value our good service and quick delivery times.

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