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Public Sector Innovation Summit 2019: “Creating a culture to accelerate innovation”

Innovation has always been a part of policing, but how do you harness it? Charlie de Rusett, co-founder of Idea Drop which provides a platform for forces to share innovative ideas, introduces the speakers at this month's Public Sector Innovation Summit 2019 who will offer tips and strategies on promoting innovation in your organisation.

We have a great roster of top-tier speakers lined up to give you key innovation tips and strategies for use in the public sector. Read on to discover the topics they’ll talk about on the 18th of June.

Austerity measures across the UK have bred an environment in which public sector service personnel are being asked to do more with less. Here at Idea Drop, we choose to be part of the solution, giving public service organisations a platform to share ideas, connect with each other and build new strategies to improve their services. We call that platform the Public Sector Innovation Summit.

This week, we’re announcing details about the speakers and topics hand-picked by both Idea Drop and Chaucer Consulting – our partner for the event. Let’s find out what’s in store.

Creating a culture to accelerate innovation

Peter Lewis, Facilitator of Change & Joe Aston, Management Consultant: People & Change, Chaucer

When it comes to creating an innovative workplace, culture beats strategy every time. Peter brings us his expertise from Chaucer Consulting in the private sector to help us understand how culture can be managed and developed. With over 20 years’ experience in management consulting, Peter has worked with a number of leading financial institutions to help solve key innovation and culture challenges.

He’ll be joined by Joe Aston – a fellow Chaucer consultant specialising in people and change. Joe is passionate about developing leaders and leadership teams, working across a broad industry spectrum to enable change, from IT and telecoms to manufacturing and public services. Joe’s work today combines coaching, learning and ‘viral’ strategies to help clients build engagement with innovation initiatives.

A new delivery model for digital acceleration in policing

Hacer Evans, Assistant Chief Officer, National Police Chief’s Council

No matter your sector, it’s always useful to learn about successful innovation initiatives in operation within other organisations. That’s why we invited Hacer Evans – Assistant Chief Officer at the National Police Chief’s Council – to tell us how she steers their new Digital Policing Accelerator to grow digital innovation in policing. Hacer is the director of the Digital Policing Portfolio, which works across four verticals to enable digital adoption and development throughout the UK. With over 23 years of experience in policing, she’ll explain how her operational command knowledge interacts with transformational strategy and digital delivery.

Assessing Your Innovation Maturity

Martin Wilson, Innovation Consultant & Former Head of Innovation, Kent and Sussex Police

Martin Wilson gave an excellent presentation at our last event and we’re looking forward to having him back this year to talk about innovation maturity. Martin retired from the service in 2017 as Head of Innovation for Kent and Essex police. Today, he works as an independent policing consultant, helping organisations across the UK deal with increased budgeting pressures and service demand. This time around, he’ll take us through the Innovation Maturity Assessment process that he developed and used for the Kent Police service.

Innovation through Design Thinking: A Case Study

John Cary & Nawid Obaydi, Innovation Leads, Chaucer

Innovation is all about bringing new ideas into the fray to help you find creative solutions to problems. That’s precisely why we brought in John Carey to talk about the functional value of design thinking for use in innovation systems. John is the innovation lead at Chaucer and works across multiple innovation disciplines in digital transformation projects both large and small. His experience working across the energy, insurance and retail sectors have taught him the value of design-led thinking when approaching critical business challenges.

John will be supported by his colleague, Nawid Obaydi – a consultant and design thinking expert. Nawid will illustrate the importance of customer-centric problem-solving and show us some techniques he uses to address complex challenges in major blue-chip organisations.

Panel discussion: Harnessing the opportunities for digital innovation

What part does digital innovation play in the growth of public services? Moderated by Sarah Robb – Head of Regional at Digital Catapult, our panel of experts will discuss this exact question, focussing on the opportunities available to organisations throughout the public services sector. They’ll discuss tried-and-tested methods for deploying innovation platforms, the infrastructure you’ll need to make it work and many more crucial topics.

Our panellists include:

Edward Elliott, Programme & Marketing Manager, PUBLIC

Martin Wassell, Executive Partner, Chaucer

Bernard Rix, Publisher, Policing Insight: Founder, World Class Policing Awards

To join us at the Public Sector Innovation Summit, simply RSVP on our event page. We’re excited to hear your innovative ideas on all things public services!

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