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How are you delivering impactful learning during this pandemic?

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Is this available online? Is the learning delivered to the same standard? What platform do they use? Premier Partnership have tackled digital learning head on and as a result have been instrumental in supporting police forces in continuing their core training.

The current coronavirus pandemic has thrown up all kinds of questions and challenges around learning delivery.

Questions such as, ‘Can we postpone until June? Is this available online? How is this delivered to the same standard? What platform do they use? How secure is it?’ have not been untypical.

Delivering Impactful Learning in Policing During the Pandemic 
What are the best ways to continue to deliver innovative and flexible learning?  

Online round table event
Thursday 25th June
11.00am to 12.30pm
Email [email protected] by 22nd June to reserve a place.

To continue to deliver impactful but appropriate learning to our large police clients, we had to ensure we had everything in place, so we were ready and able to support and advise.

Myself and the team at Premier Partnership sought to understand how long face to face delivery would be impacted.   It was soon apparent that there would be significant uncertainty for some time to come and a need for change was a priority. It became clear that the main way we could initially support our law enforcement agency clients was helping them move to digital learning, to ensure continuity of development opportunities.  We already provided many online or virtual options via our police catalogue, so we could easily move some bookings to these methods of delivery.

This emergency has enabled the police service and its commercial partners to go further and faster in deploying new technology to make welcome improvements

Nick Bradley, Managing Director, Enlighten

Where there was no digital option readily available, we have worked in partnership with our supply chain to identify key subject matter areas, including police specialist subjects, in which learning can be offered digitally. This includes e-learning, webinars, virtual classrooms, online qualification based learning and bespoke digital learning.

As a result, we have been able to update our offering and share the digital catalogue with our clients. With additional communication we have enabled them to continue to procure their learning by moving their requirements to a digital option.

There are some topics that absolutely do not lend themselves to the change, so we looked to postpone and diary to pick up again later in the year. That diary remains active and rather full!

As you are fully aware it has been an extremely difficult period for everyone due to the COVID19 Pandemic. You have had multiple enforced changes to your teaching locations, teaching styles (such as adapting them to new technology) as well as the monitoring of classes (whose members are spread all around the UK at the moment), so to do so, so efficiently, in such a short period of time, has been nothing short of brilliant

CKP Sergeant

The first programme to be significantly affected was the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) for one of my major police clients.

Amidst the Pandemic, the operation of this priority training course for the Police force may have been hindered. As reported on recently by Nick Bradley, MD from our trusted partner Enlighten, we were able to move over 300 recruits to a digital version of CKP, whilst being halfway through their learning!

They truly stepped up and supported a seamless shift to digital learning, which enabled this police force to continue with their PC uplift. We have now completed online delivery to over 300 students, using Zoom with additional videos and online content, with two more cohorts of similar numbers in progress.

It is this type of relationship that has proved to be invaluable in transitioning to digital learning. The relationships with our suppliers are equally important as the relationship with our clients.

Although the learning content can be adapted, it is important to note that the materials often require some changes to ensure learners engagement. Many of our providers have adapted well, some are thriving on this new challenge. Constant communication and collaboration ensure we have their latest products available.

My experience has enabled me to identify that delivery via this medium needs to be managed carefully and consideration given to the delegate, the technology, and the competency of the facilitator.

The digital age has been forced into full swing, and it may take some practice and persistence to adapt to virtual digital training as an alternative to classic classroom learning.

This has been a fantastic example of resilience and excellent partnership working. Thank you so much. The pass results are excellent, I am proud of you all for this achievement and the success is because of this strong training delivery collaboration

Superintendent, large metropolitan police Force

Where facilitators require upskilling, we have been able to offer products to support this development. Although at Premier, we already have many Associates who have the skills to help redesign content, and to deliver digital learning completely.

We have found that digital learning is becoming increasingly in demand; as many workers are taking the opportunity to progress learning and development, get ahead of their yearly plans and avoid the backlog and bottle necks when returning to classroom learning.

I, for one, have certainly learned much more about this method of delivery. The planning and preparation required is as important as the delivery itself.
For example, if you do not provide the support to the delegate to assist with managing their ’home classroom’, it can impact the session.

So, with that in mind we have decided to share our learnings and experiences and have scheduled a round table event.

Delivering Impactful Learning in Policing During the Pandemic 
What are the best ways to continue to deliver innovative and flexible learning?  

Online round table event
Thursday 25th June
11.00am to 12.30pm

Come and find out how other organisations and providers are making the most of the current climate to drive their learning and development forward, by going digital. 

Hear how our clients and some of the UK’s leading learning providers are delivering relevant and topical learning during the crisis.

Drop in and have a chat with us and our network to find out how to avoid the pitfalls and share success stories of recent digital learning delivery.

Please contact me  [email protected] by 22nd June to reserve a place. Looking forward to meeting you there!

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