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2016 Review:

Policing Insight’s “Top 20” articles from 2016…

Policing Insight Publisher and CoPaCC Chief Executive, Bernard Rix, identifies the "must read" Policing Insight articles from 2016. Do you have a favourite? And which others would YOU highlight?

2016 has been a memorable year for Policing Insight:

  • It’s been our first full year. Our first ever article was published on Thursday, 23rd April 2015: “Digital Policing for a Digital Age” by Muz Janoowalla
  • We published 486 articles during 2016, written by 247 authors (and counting)
  • We’ve added 5,267 records to our Media Monitor service
  • Our web traffic has grown substantially – for example, with close to 100,000 unique visitors in 24 hours to our PCC Elections 2016 pages in May
  • Our Thematic Reports and Events (including on Brexit and Police / Fire Mergers) have attracted considerable national and international attention 
  • And we’ve been working hard on plans to build our Policing Insight offering in 2017 – more of this early in January

Which of our articles have proved the most popular (that is, attracted the most visitors)? Here’s Policing Insight’s countdown of our “Top 20” from 2016…

Which is your favourite? And which others would YOU highlight? Why not let us know in the comments below….

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