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3rd World LGBTIQ+ Conference for Criminal Justice Professionals: Better together
(Ended 3rd Feb 2023)


31st Jan 2023 to 3rd Feb 2023

3rd World LGBTIQ+ Conference for Criminal Justice Professionals: Better together

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Hosted by Victoria Police Force (Melbourne, Australia)
31 January – 3 February, 2023

In August of 2016, the Dutch National Police held the 1st World LGBTQ Conference for Criminal Justice Professionals. The conference was well attended by members of police organizations, public prosecution services and departments of justice from 26 countries and six continents. The Toronto Police Service hosted the 2nd World LGBTQ Conference for Criminal Justice Professionals in 2019 which built upon the success created by the Dutch. At the 2019 conference, Victoria Police (Melbourne, Australia) was announced as the host of the 2023, 3rd World LGBTQ Conference for Criminal Justice Professionals. Victoria Police looks forward to welcoming you to Melbourne for another fantastic conference!

In February 2023, the Victoria Police Force will be hosting the 3rd World LGBTIQ+ Conference for Criminal Justice Professionals in Melbourne, Australia.

Better Together is the theme for the Melbourne conference.
What does Better Together look like?

We are Better Together when:

  • Criminal justice organisations involve the LGBTIQ+ community in decisions that matter to them;
  • LGBTIQ+ employees and allies work together to create organisational cultures where diversity is nurtured and valued;
  • LGBTIQ+ diversity and inclusion is understood through the lens of intersectionality, and where we acknowledge and celebrate our whole selves; and
  • LGBTIQ+ criminal justice professionals work towards common goals by connecting across disciplines, jurisdictions and borders.

The conference will focus on building on the relationships that criminal justice professionals and their organisations have with LGBTIQ+ communities, both external and internal to their organisations. The conference will provide an opportunity for criminal justice professionals from around the world to communicate with each other through various workshops, panel discussions, case studies and lectures to facilitate the sharing of new ideas, strategies and best practices to ensure that we grow the relationships we have with LGBTQ communities.

The conference will help to establish best practice techniques and training necessary for the purpose of decreasing homophobia, transphobia and biphobia while increasing cultural diversity awareness in the workplace.

The purpose of the conference is to educate criminal justice professionals through dialogue as well as various programs and services that in turn result in policies, opportunities, practices and benefits in the workplace regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression.

Facilitating the conference is a tremendous undertaking. We are hoping you will consider supporting this very worthwhile event.

We are in the planning stages for the conference and anticipate that the conference will be held as an ‘in-person’ event in Melbourne, Australia. In the event that COVID-19 international travel restrictions still apply in 2023, then further details will be released closer to the conference date.

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