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3rd International Police Education Conference Workshop Series: International Perspectives of Policing in the pandemic – Japan, United States of America, Canada and Somaliland. (In progress)


28th Oct 2021 to 28th Oct 2021

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This workshop will include the following presentations: -

‘The Covid-19 Impact and Challenge on Policing in Relation to the 2021 Olympics in Japan’

Japanese Police has got a well-known history in community policing where officers, through neighbourhood patrols and routine home visits, keep close relations with citizens, ensuring the safety and peace of the community. The National Police Agency was heavily involved in the preparations for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. One of many examples was the Torch Relay with about 10,000 that traversed all 47 prefectures in Japan. Over the course of the 121-day the relay was supported by Japanese police officers who run alongside the torchbearers as ‘security runners’ to ensure the safe operation of the Torch Relay. Their role was to ensure the security of the relay operation when the torch was carried to the next torchbearer.

‘Tactical Training in the United States During the Pandemic’

In the spring of 2020, we saw the introduction of the Covid-19 virus to the world. Here in the United States, many law enforcement training venues had to the make unforeseen changes to the way that law enforcement training was presented. The introduction of online learning was quickly put in place, and required hands-on training was assessed and restructured.

The way that subjects were taught and the many safety protocols that were implemented to keep instructors and students safe were vastly different to many and challenging at times. Federal, state, and local safety protocols also created problems in the delivery of this training as they varied across the country. Along with the pandemic, we also have had to deal with mass riots across the country, and a presidential election.

This lecture will focus on the changes made from onsite training into an online training platform and how police training sites in the United States managed required hands-on subject matter. Police agencies and academies alike had to make drastic changes to the delivery of training subjects like defensive tactics and firearms when the world went digital.

‘Election Training During the Pandemic, a Perspective from Somaliland’

The efforts to achieve peace, reconciliation and stability are led and coordinated by the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) The UN mission, with offices across the country, is mandated by the Security Council to work with the Federal Government of Somalia and federal member states to support national reconciliation, provide strategic and policy advice on various aspects of peacebuilding and state-building, to monitor the human rights situation, and help coordinate the efforts of the international community. In March 2021 Josef Wiklund was assigned as Peace officer/Advisor of Ministerial and National Police Commissioner at the UN Mission in Somaliland. This lecture will focus on the changes made due to the pandemic in delivery of election security training for the policing and at the present situation in Somaliland.


‘Bravery, Heroism and Leadership in the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic’

While most people are following physical distancing guidelines and many can work from home, public safety professionals are not afforded this luxury. Police officers do not belong to the profession who have the option to work remotely from home. They must be present to serve and protect their communities.

In this lecture Dr. Papazoglou will share the main points of the issue Covid-19 and policing, and how leadership plays a crucial role in managing the situation. Viruses change quickly as they acquire genetic variations. Law enforcement, as well, has to change quickly to adapt to these unusual times. What gives officers strengths during a life-threatening situation? Has this changed in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic?



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