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PCC Election 2020: Gloucestershire

OPEN Policing Insight6th February 2020Policing Insight team

Candidate details for the PCC Elections 2020 in Gloucestershire, along with details of previous PCC election outcomes

2020 PCC Election Candidates

Martin Surl (Independent)

Facebook: GlosPCC
Twitter: @GlosPCC


Chris Nelson (Conservative)

Facebook: Chris4GlosPCC
Twitter: link will appear here, once details available


Chas Townley (Labour and co-operative)

Facebook: @chas4glospcc/
Twitter: @chas4glospcc


Liberal Democrat Candidate Name not yet known (Liberal Democrat)

Website: link will appear here, once details available
Facebook: link will appear here, once details available
Twitter: link will appear here, once details available


PCC Elected on 5th May 2016: Martin Surl (Independent)

Previous PCC: Martin Surl (Independent)

May 2016 candidates

  • Martin Surl (Independent)
  • Barry Kirby (Labour)
  • Will Windsor-Clive (Conservative)

Winning candidate’s profile

Martin Surl (Independent)

Twitter: @GlosPCC


My name is Martin Surl. I am standing as an Independent because I believe party politics has no place in policing. I am also standing to continue the work I began in November 2012.

Much progress has been made since then and with your support I hope to build on it. My aims, therefore, may be familiar.

If I am re-elected, I will prioritise making our police more visible and come when we need them. I want older people to feel safe and I want a system that works for young people not against them. Everyone, whatever their age or background, should feel safe day or night and be able to use our streets and public places without feeling threatened.

I will introduce new measures aimed at making our roads safer and continue working with our young people to make them more responsible, better drivers. The investment in tackling cybercrime, which has put the Constabulary at the forefront of counteracting criminality on the internet, will also continue.

On my watch, Gloucestershire has become a UK leader in “Restorative Justice”, the service where criminals and their victims are brought together. This has proven benefits for victims and reduces re-offending and I will continue to support it.

I am the only candidate with experience of being Police and Crime Commissioner and as an experienced former officer, I am also the only candidate in Gloucestershire with direct policing experience.

My record shows I kept all the promises I made to you before the last election – check here – and the Constabulary has benefited as a result.

I’m Trustworthy, I’m Independent, I’m Experienced, I’m Local.

Result, May 2016

Party Candidate 1st Rd % 2nd Rd Tot
 Ind  Martin Surl 57,447  40.67%  21,145  78,592 
 C  Will Windsor-Clive  49,965 35.38%  4,602  54,567 
 Lab  Barry Kirby 33,825  23.95%     
   TURNOUT 141,237  29.40%     

Result, November 2012

Party Candidate 1st Rd % 2nd Rd Tot
Ind Martin Surl 27,676 35.26% 8,910 36,586
 C  Victoria Atkins 28,422  36.21%  3,917  32,339 
 Lab  Rupi Dhandra 13,741  17.50%     
 LD  Alistair Cameron 8,663  11.04%     
   TURNOUT 78,502  15.96%     



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