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PCC Election 2020: West Midlands

OPEN Policing Insight6th February 2020Policing Insight team

Candidate details for the PCC Elections 2020 in West Midlands, along with details of previous PCC election outcomes

2020 PCC Election Candidates

Jay Singh-Sohal (Conservative)

Website: link will appear here, once details available
Facebook: JSinghSohalUK
Twitter: @JSinghSohal


Simon Foster (Labour)

Facebook: SimonFoster4PCC
Twitter: @SimonFoster4PCC


Julie Hambleton (Independent)

INDEPENDENTWebsite: link will appear here, once details available
Facebook: link will appear here, once details available
Twitter: @Julie20205


Liberal Democrat Candidate Name not yet known (Liberal Democrat)

Website: link will appear here, once details available
Facebook: link will appear here, once details available
Twitter: link will appear here, once details available


PCC Elected on 5th May 2016: David Jamieson (Labour)

Previous PCC: David Jamieson (Labour)

May 2016 candidates

  • Pete Durnell (UKIP)
  • Les Jones (Conservative)
  • David Jamieson (Labour)
  • Andy Flynn (Independent)

Winning candidate’s profile

David Jamieson (Labour)

Labour Party logoWebsite:
Twitter: @D_C_Jamieson



Re-elect David Jamieson as your Labour Police and Crime Commissioner on May 5th

My pledges:

  • Drive down crime in all our communities.  
  • Increase recruitment from 450 to 1000.
  • Equip our police with the best modern technology.
  • Protect Neighbourhood Policing and PCSOs.
  • Help build a successful West Midlands economy.

My central ambition is to keep the people of the West Midlands safe and secure by responding effectively to criminality and bringing offenders to justice.

I was born in the West Midlands and have lived here with my family for most of my life.

I qualified as a teacher at St Peter’s College, Birmingham and taught in a local school. I served as an MP from 1992 – 2005 and for eight years I was a government minister.

As a transport minister I worked closely with the police on road safety issues and introduced the seizing of uninsured vehicles and the ban on hand held mobile phones whilst driving.

Neighbourhood policing lies at the core of keeping our communities safe. Residents need to know the officers and PCSOs in their area.  Working closely with local people our police can help create safe places to live, work and bring up our children.

The needs of victims will always be a top priority. I will continue my Victims Commission of experts which ensures victims get the help they need.

I want our police to have the very best latest technology to help them tackle crime in a rapidly changing world. This includes body worn cameras and access to digital information whilst officers are on the streets.

I will continue to recruit to our force by increasing new recruits from 450 to 1000. I will ensure we recruit the very best people and that they look more like the people of the West Midlands.

You can read more about my work as your PCC at

Thank you,

David Jamieson

Result, May 2016

Party Candidate 1st Rd % 2nd Rd Total
Lab David Jamieson 275,672 49.88% 30,906 306,578 
C Les Jones 142,651 25.81% 34,271 176,922 
UKIP Pete Durnell 93,851 16.98%    
Ind Andy Flynn 40,478 7.31%    
  TURNOUT 552,652 27.71%    

By-election, August 2014

Party Candidate 1st Rd % 2nd Rd Total
Lab David Jamieson 102,561 50.8%    
C Les Jones 54,091 26.8%    
UKIP Keith Rowe 32,187 15.9%    
LD Ayoub Khan 12,950 6.5%    
  TURNOUT 201,789 10.38%    

Result, November 2012

Party Candidate 1st Rd % 2nd Rd Total
Lab Bob Jones 100,130 42.00% 17,285 117,415
 C  Matt Bennett 44,130  18.51%   11,555 55,685 
 Ind  Cath Hannon 30,778  12.91%     
 UKIP  Bill Etheridge 17,563  7.37%     
 Ind  Derek Webley 17,488  7.34%     
 LD  Ayoub Khan 15,413  6.47%     
 Ind  Mike Rumble 12,882  5.40%     
   TURNOUT 238,384  11.96%     



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