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PCC Election 2020: West Mercia

OPEN Policing Insight6th February 2020Policing Insight team

Candidate details for the PCC Elections 2020 in West Mercia, along with details of previous PCC election outcomes

2020 PCC Election Candidates

John-Paul Campion (Conservative)

Facebook: Campion4WestMercia
Twitter: @JohnPaulCampion


Kuldip Sahota (Labour)

Facebook: link will appear here, once details available
Twitter: @Kuldip4Telford


Liberal Democrat Candidate Name not yet known (Liberal Democrat)

Website: link will appear here, once details available
Facebook: link will appear here, once details available
Twitter: link will appear here, once details available


Independent Candidate Names not yet known (Independent)

INDEPENDENTWebsite: link will appear here, once details available
Facebook: link will appear here, once details available
Twitter: link will appear here, once details available


PCC Elected on 5th May 2016: John-Paul Campion (Conservative)

Previous PCC: Bill Longmore (Independent) 

May 2016 candidates

  • Barrie Sheldon (Independent)
  • John-Paul Campion (Conservative)
  • Margaret Rowley (Liberal Democrat)
  • John Raine (Green)
  • Dan Walton (Labour)
  • Peter Jewell (UKIP)

Winning candidate’s profile

John-Paul Campion (Conservative)

Conservatives logoWebsite:
Facebook: campion4westmercia
Twitter: @JohnPaulCampion


I believe the communities of West Mercia deserve a hard working Commissioner who will be a true community champion.

My background is in business, Local Government, Prison Service and with the former police authority.

I have a track record of standing up for my local community and delivering on my promises.

I have set out my vision for a safer West Mercia at but the key highlights are:

  • A Secure West Mercia; keeping us safe against threats locally and nationally. Ensuring the Police are there in times of emergency including having enough armed police. I will work hard so that criminals are brought to justice quickly and that we are on the side of victims.
  • A Reformed West Mercia; I will work hard to deliver reform to make sure your money is spent efficiently before I ever ask you to pay any more. I will modernise the back office to divert more money to protect front line policing.  I will be transparent in how decisions are made to restore the trust of our community.
  • A Reassured West Mercia; I will work hard to ensure people feel safe as for too long antisocial behaviour has blighted our towns and rural communities feel forgotten. I will also invest in crime prevention to tackle the root causes of crime. 

West Mercia Police is made up of hard working officers and staff but they need a strong Commissioner to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. I will work tirelessly to be that Strong Commissioner, representing the diverse views of our many communities and ensuring that they are represented at the heart of policing.

With your support on Thursday 5th May, we can start to build a Safer West Mercia.

Yours sincerely,

John Campion

Prepared by MJ Hart, 35 Mill Street, Kidderminster DY11 6XB


Result, May 2016

Party Candidate 1st Rd % 2nd Rd Tot
C John-Paul Campion 64,514 33.37%  19,105 83,619
Lab Daniel Walton 40,870 21.14%  14,292 55,162
UKIP Peter Jewell 32,719 16.92%     
Ind Barrie Sheldon 27,986 14.48%     
Green John Raine 14,323 7.41%     
LD Margaret Rowley 12,914 6.68%     
   TURNOUT 193,326  21.27%     

Result, November 2012

Party Candidate 1st Rd % 2nd Rd Tot
Ind Bill Longmore 50,900 37.75% 21,055 71,955
 C  Adrian Blackshaw 49,298  36.56%  5,201  54,499 
 Lab  Simon Murphy 34,652  25.70%     
   TURNOUT 134,850  25.70%     



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