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PCC Election 2020: Devon and Cornwall

OPEN Policing Insight6th February 2020Policing Insight team

Candidate details for the PCC Elections 2020 in Devon & Cornwall, along with details of previous PCC election outcomes

2020 PCC Election Candidates

Alison Hernandez (Conservative)

Website: link will appear here, once details available
Facebook: Alison4DCPCC
Twitter: @AlisonHernandez


Gareth Derrick (Labour)

Facebook: gareth.derrick.1
Twitter: @Gareth4Labour


Liberal Democrat Candidate Name not yet known (Liberal Democrat)

Website: link will appear here, once details available
Facebook: link will appear here, once details available
Twitter: link will appear here, once details available


Independent Candidate Names not yet known (Independent)

INDEPENDENTWebsite: link will appear here, once details available
Facebook: link will appear here, once details available
Twitter: link will appear here, once details available


PCC Elected on 5th May 2016:  Alison Hernandez (Conservative) 

Previous PCC: Tony Hogg (Conservative)

May 2016 candidates

  • Bob Spencer (Independent)
  • Alison Hernandez (Conservative)
  • Gareth Derrick (Labour)
  • Richard Younger-Ross (Liberal Democrat)
  • Jonathan Smith (UKIP)
  • William Morris (Independent)

Winning candidate’s profile

Alison Hernandez (Conservative)

Conservatives logoWebsite:
Facebook: Alison4DCPCC
Twitter: AlisonHernandez


Dear Voter

The demands on the Police are becoming more challenging:

  • The rise of modern slavery, residents of the UK are the third most trafficked in the world.
  • The rise of cyber crime, an age where you are more likely to be a victim of crime online than in the street where you live.
  • The rise of terrorism with recent attacks in Paris and Brussels.

What I will do for you:

  1. Work with the Government to get the best funding deal for the people of Devon and Cornwall.
  2. Put policing at the heart of communities both on our streets and online. Work with the other emergency services to greater effect.
  3. Support those affected by crime: victims, witnesses and the most vulnerable in our community.
  4. Improve crime reporting, especially 101. Waiting up to 45 minutes is unacceptable.
  5. Review Police Station closures so that people don’t feel abandoned

What makes me right for this role?

  • Years spent running my own business, working alongside and getting the best out of the Police. I’ve helped leaders run their organisations better in the UK and internationally. I want to continue getting the best out of the Police.
  • Proven leadership and teamwork as a national award winning former Councillor, regional award winning community campaigner, local award winning crime fighter. I want to help Devon and Cornwall Police’s successes be recognised and celebrated.
  • Co-Founder of Torbay Social Media Café – free events helping support organisations to better use social media. I will develop Cyber Crime Cafés to keep people safe online.

Please choose Alison Hernandez as your first choice.

Yours faithfully,


Result, May 2016

Party Candidate 1st Rd % 2nd Rd Total
C Alison Hernandez 69,354 24.38%  21,682 91,036
Lab Gareth Derrick 66,519 23.38%  20,723 87,242
UKIP Jonathan Smith 49,659 17.46%     
Ind Bob Spencer 41,382 14.55%     
LD Richard Younger-Ross 35,154 12.36%     
Ind William Morris 22,395 7.87%     
   TURNOUT 284,463  22.10%     

Result, November 2012

Party Candidate 1st Rd % 2nd Rd Total
C Tony Hogg 55,257 28.98% 14,162 69,419
 Ind  Brian Greenslade 24,719  12.96%  12,524  37,243 
 Lab  Nicky Williams 24,196  12.69%     
 LD  Brian Blake 23,948  12.56%     
 UKIP  Robert Smith 16,433  8.62%     
 Ind  Ivan Jordan 12,382  6.49%     
Ind William Morris 10,586 5.55%    
 Ind  John Smith 10,171  5.33%     
 Ind  Graham Calderwood 8,667  4.55%     
Ind Tam Macpherson 4,306 2.26%    
   TURNOUT 190,665  14.66%     



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