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PCC Election 2020: Avon & Somerset

OPEN Policing Insight6th February 2020Policing Insight team

Candidate details for the PCC Elections 2020 in Avon and Somerset, along with details of previous PCC election outcomes

2020 PCC Election Candidates

Mark Shelford (Conservative)

Facebook: @MarkShelfordPCC
Twitter: @ShelfordMark


John Smith (Independent)

Facebook: John Smith For PCC
Twitter: @john_pcc


Kerry Barker (Labour)

Website: link will appear here, once details available
Facebook: link will appear here, once details available
Twitter: @KerryBarker22


Liberal Democrat Candidate Name not yet known (Liberal Democrat)

Website: link will appear here, once details available
Facebook: link will appear here, once details available
Twitter: link will appear here, once details available


PCC Elected on 5th May 2016: Sue Mountstevens (Independent)

Previous PCC: Sue Mountstevens (Independent)

May 2016 candidates

  • Mark Weston (Conservative)
  • Sue Mountstevens (Independent)
  • Aaron Foot (UKIP)
  • Kerry Barker (Labour)
  • Kevin Phillips (Independent)
  • Paul Crossley (Liberal Democrats)
  • Chris Briton (Green)

Winning candidate’s profile

Sue Mountstevens (Independent)

Facebook: Sue Mountstevens
Twitter: @SuMountstevens

In 2012 you elected me as your PCC with 125,000 votes, for which I thank you whole-heartedly. It has been a privilege to serve you.

As an independent I’m determined that party politics have no place in policing. The Police are there to keep us safe. The Police belong to you, not to political ideologies, nor career politicians.

I will continue to protect residents and Police from political interference, without fear or favour – answerable only to residents of Avon and Somerset.

Policing is complex. Being your PCC for over 3 years, leading a major local business, plus years as a magistrate, uniquely qualify me to provide managerial skills and leadership to deliver the Police Service we all deserve.

Government cuts of £60m meant fewer police officers – with further savings to come. Wise prioritisation, partnerships and technology is the way forward.

With the Chief Constable, tackling the rise of crimes against our most vulnerable will be a priority.

If you choose me to be your PCC again, I shall continue to:

  • Protect residents and police from political interference. Keeping Politics out of Policing
  • Prevent crime so you can be safe and feel safe
  • Listen and be your voice: working with the Chief Constable for better policing
  • Champion Police Officers, PCSO’s and Special Constables in your Neighbourhood
  • Be a fierce advocate for victims
  • Work with partners to make justice more accessible, faster, simpler
  • Ensure your money is spent efficiently, effectively, wisely


*Over 25,000 victims supported by Lighthouse. *Anti-social behaviour reduced. *Reporting of domestic and sexual violent crimes increased by 50% reflecting more confidence  *All-time low in burglaries in 2014 with increased crime prevention. *Road safety: more investment in education and enforcement resulting in fewer killed/seriously injured.

Result, May 2016

Party Candidate 1st Rd % 2nd Rd Total
Ind Sue Mountstevens 82,708 26.08% 35,839 118,547
Lab Kerry Barker 75,538 23.82% 25,027 100,565
Con Mark Weston 61,335 19.34%    
UKIP Aaron Foot 28,038 8.84%    
LD Paul Crossley 23,429 7.39%    
Green Chris Briton 23,414 7.38%    
Ind Kevin Phillips 22,667 7.15%    
   TURNOUT 317,129  25.96%     


Result, November 2012

Party Candidate 1st Rd % 2nd Rd Total
Ind Sue Mountstevens 83,985 35.81% 41,719 125,704
 Con Ken Maddock 57,094  24.35%  10,748 67,842 
 Lab John Savage  49,989  21.32%     
 LD  Pete Levy 43,446  18.53%     
   TURNOUT 234,514  18.82%     


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